'Without Remorse' Review: Are We Sinking It or Streaming It?

Will we be casting away the origin story of John Kelly by sinking it, or will we review "Without Remorse" and decide to stream this character's tale?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Without Remorse Review:  Sink or Stream?

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Since the release of "Nobody," we've been itching for another action hero to save the day with some insane gun fights and extreme explosions. And we think we may have found one. Amazon just released a new Tom Clancy film titled "Without Remorse" that has Michael B. Jordan as one of Clancy's most popular characters behind Jack Ryan, John Kelly. We've seen John Kelly portrayed in other Clancy films like "Clear and Present Danger" and "The Sum of All Fears," but we've never really seen his origin story. This is that story. But, before you decide if watching "Without Remorse" is worth your time, we're going to review it first.

Reasons to Sink

© Amazon Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

© Amazon Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

  • Even though this film is based off of a Tom Clancy novel, this story feels like the plot of every other action film.
  • With such a well-known, layered character, it feels as though we don't see him develop as much as we would expect given what he goes through.
  • There's so much action in this film that the story tends to get a little lost in the process.

Reasons to Stream

© Amazon Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

© Amazon Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

  • Michael B. Jordan is firing on all cylinders showing off his ability to embody this detached, rogue character.
  • The choreography from the numerous action sequences was skillfully executed.
  • The action leads the way in this film so much that audiences can never really feel completely at ease.

Sink or Stream?

So, when thinking about our review of "Without Remorse," we say you should stream away.

We'll admit that there are elements of this flick that feel like every other generic action film. But we'll also say that there's only one Michael B. Jordan and it's worth it to watch this film just to see him go all out as a Tom Clancy's John Kelly. Jordan as a stealthy gunman turned ghost is a role that we've been wanting to see him play.

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