Weekly Streaming Spotlight: 'T2'

In as tribute to all the moms taking on tough times, we've selected as our streaming spotlight "T2: Judgement Day," and tough mom Sarah Connor.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner


Who's the most badass movie mom of all time? Chances are, lots of you avid moviegoing fans out there would jump right to this:


And you would be right. In the annals of cinematic mom badassery, Sarah Connor in "T2," the mother of mankind's future savior John Connor, is truly the toughest, most ass-kicking, and most definitely physically shredded movie mama of all.

What makes her even more incredible is her transformation. From "Terminator" to "T2: Judgement Day," actress Linda Hamilton sees her character Sarah Connor through an incredible metamorphosis.

In 1984's "The Terminator," Sarah Connor starts off as a thoroughly normal, happy-go-lucky single waitress in Los Angeles. But that's before she finds out from future warrior Reese (her love of a lifetime, plus John's dad) that she's much more than she ever thought. She is the mother who will teach her son how to lead and fight for mankind's future against Skynet's machines and Terminators.

By the end of the first film, after being attacked time and again by Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800, Sarah learns to stand up for herself and bring the anvil down on her pursuer. Eleven years later in "T2: Judgement Day," Sarah is now one lean, mean and motivated mother bear. She's determined to escape her state mental health facility to get back to the job of protecting her 10-year-old son.

When another equally lean Terminator (Robert Patrick's T-1000), arrives from the future to execute him, it's up to Sarah and Schwarzenegger's re-programmed, kinder T-800 to guard him at all costs.

What follows is action spectacle that adds up to one of the greatest films of the genre. Filmmaker James Cameron and his crew, and especially the heroic Sarah and Schwarzenegger, create multiple on-the-edge-of-your-seat sequences where sound and vision are amped up to 11 and beyond. The last hour of action may never be topped for pure visceral intensity.

The best thing about "T2" is that it never lets up on the humanity, either, and Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor is an essential ingredient. Sure, she's a badass warrior. But she's also a mom, and a human being, and Hamilton never lets those colors dim. She loves her son and will stop at nothing to keep him safe. She's also just human, and the weight of it all is very, very exhausting. In today's world, that's a feeling a lot of people will relate to.


It's something that makes the ultimate victory that much more triumphant. By the end coda of "T2," you'll be surprised how much you're satisfied by not just the action, but the message that's delivered by a mom you'll never forget.

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