Universal Pictures Sets Up VOD Release for Spring Theatrical Films

With many theaters being closed because of coronavirus, Universal Pictures has decided to make several films available for digital rental.

Chuck Walton

By Chuck Walton


Given the recent closure of many theaters, Universal has made the decision to make movies from their spring slate available to rent at home as well as in the theaters that are still open.

Their most recent films that are already in theaters ("Invisible Man", "The Hunt", and "Emma") will all be available to rent at home on Friday for $19.99.

Universal also announced that their upcoming film "Trolls World Tour" will be playing in theaters April 10th, but it will also be available for VOD the same day.

© Universal Pictures

© Universal Pictures

As the pandemic continues to expand, we may see a new norm for the movie-watching experience and the movie release cycle in general.

We've seen the trend of streaming platforms, like Netflix and Amazon, creating original content to be played in theaters, but the trend will skew the other way as well where theatrical releases get the VOD treatment at the same time.

Chuck Walton

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