'Uncharted' Trailer Breakdown: The Biggest Treasure Never Found

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg team up in search of hidden treasure in the first trailer for the upcoming video game film "Uncharted."

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Uncharted: Trailer Breakdown

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Based on Sony's popular action-adventure game series, the first trailer for "Uncharted" was just revealed this morning. It has an unlikely duo working together to locate a treasure that no one in history has been able to find. The baby of the two is young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland), the main character from the game series. In the video game, we see Drake and his partner Victor Sullivan aka Sully (Mark Wahlberg) meet when he's young. Then, the game cuts to a new story where Drake is much older and wiser. And he's had much more experience hunting treasure by that point. The Nathan Drake we'll be seeing in this film is the adolescent one that's just beginning his journey to become a treasure hunter. Luckily, he'll have the help of his partner/mentor Sully as they explore some of the more uncharted areas. Let's break it down.

'Uncharted': Trailer Breakdown

The trailer kicks off with Drake and Sully meeting for the first time at a bar where Drake is bartending. Fast forward to their next meeting where they start talking about maps, history, and the biggest treasure that's never been found. Amid their convo, Sully admits to knowing Drake's brother. Sully tells Drake their interests are aligned because if they're able to find this hidden treasure, they'll be able to find Drake's brother, too. So, they become a treasure-hunting duo.

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© Sony Pictures

As Drake and Sully dive headfirst into their new adventure, they run into some competition along the way. There are others interested in finding this treasure. Drake talks to a man who claims he and his family have been searching for the fortune for years. The man also makes a point to mention how much blood has been spilled in the process. This is the moment when things really start to pick up. The trailer kicks it into high gear with a full-fledged action sequence featuring multiple shootouts and Drake being pulled out of a plane. As he somehow miraculously makes his way back into the aircraft, he's greeted by a moving car which knocks him back out of the plane. It's not looking like the best for him. But he's sure learning a lot. Make sure you click below to see the full trailer for "Uncharted."

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February 18, 2022

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