Must-Stream Movies: 3 for the Princesses

A holiday for girls everywhere is coming up tomorrow, which is National Princess Day! Today, we're sticking with 3 non-Disney princess movies to stream.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner


There are a couple important holidays that are happening tomorrow...which might be especially relevant for those that love tiaras and/or magical adventures.

Nov. 18th is both National Princess Day and Mickey Mouse's birthday!

Since we'll obviously have some Disney princess content coming your way then, we figured we'd stick to 3 non-Disney princess movies for our Tuesday picks.

That said, we think these princesses might give the Disney ones a run for their money.

  • The Princess Bride
    Cary Elwes and Robin Wright in "The Princess Bride."

    © 20th Century Fox/courtesy Everett Collection

    A winning princess and movie for all ages, Rob Reiner's 1987 classic (based on the also classic book by famed screenwriter William Goldman) is a mix of fantasy, comedy, action, romance and one truly winning lady named Buttercup, winningly played by Robin Wright (the future Jenny in "Forrest Gump").

    It's the story of true love between Buttercup and Westley (Cary Elwes), whose relationship is interrupted by the truly despicable Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon). Thankfully for both Buttercup and the resourceful Westley (aka The Dread Pirate Roberts), they have friends on hand, including swordsman Inigo Montoya, seeking justice for his father's murder, and benevolent giant Fezzik (the lovable Andre the Giant).

    It's a completely captivating motion picture experience with an incredibly special princess at its center.

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    The Princess Bride Poster

    The Princess Bride

    Fantasy / 1987 / PG

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  • Shrek
    Princess Fiona and Shrek.

    © DreamWorks/courtesy Everett Collection

    One of the most underrated princesses of all time is the one and only Princess Fiona (voice of Cameron Diaz). She has all the class and grace that goes along with being a princess, but that doesn't mean she won't let out a burp after a good meal - hey, she's a fully confident and three dimensional character. She is also the true definition of a princess because she doesn't need a knight in shining armor to save her. If anything, she'll probably be the one saving him.

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    Animated / 2001 / PG

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  • Trolls
    Poppy in "Trolls."

    © 20th Century Fox/courtesy Everett Collection

    In a land of singing, dancing, and hugging, there is one princess who makes sure that her world is always happy, and that princess is Poppy. No matter what is thrown at this ray of sunshine, she always manages to get back up again and continue to light the way for herself and anyone who follows her. She will do whatever it takes for her and her people to be happy and she'll do it the only way she knows spreading joy to everyone who crosses her path.

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    Animated / 2016 / PG

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