Trailer Breakdown: 'The Boss Baby: Family Business'

Tim and his boss baby brother Ted are back and all grown up, and now there's a new boss baby in town to expand the family business.

By Jesse Conner

The Boss Baby: Family Business

The Boss Baby: Family Business

Animated / 2021 / PG

Now adults, Theodore Templeton and his estranged brother take a magical formula that transforms them into babies for 48 hours. Together, they must now go under cover to prevent an evil genius from turning fellow toddlers intro monstrous brats.

After growing up and apart from each other, Tim and Ted are reuniting for Christmas in the first trailer for "The Boss Baby: Family Business."

The last time these brothers were in "business" together was when Ted was still in a suit and diaper, but now they're both full-grown adults.

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What Ted doesn't know is that he's no longer the only boss in the household because there's a new generation of boss baby...Tim's daughter!

Not only is she taking over the family business, she's cooked up a new plan that will require some help from her dad and uncle Ted.

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This time, our trio needs to infiltrate a location where an evil genius is teaching infants to be very bad, bad babies. Thankfully for them, Baby Corp has developed a new formula that can turn a grown-up back into a baby for 48 hours. Now it's up to dad and uncle to join the boss and help the youth by becoming toddlers once again.

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Of course, they'll need as much baby powder as possible to pull it all off without chafing.

To see the babies in action, watch the full trailer below.

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