Trailer Breakdown: 'Run'

Why would you ever run from mom's love? Here's a few reasons why...

By Jesse Conner

Sarah Paulson in "Run"


Thriller / 2020 / PG-13

An isolated teen discovers her mother's sinister secret.

If the person who's supposed to love you the most is also the person who's holding you captive, where exactly do you run?

In a new trailer for the Hulu original movie (once set for theatrical release) "Run," we watch what looks to be the loving mother of a handicapped daughter.

Her child feels a lot of guilt for all that her mother does for her.

© Hulu

But the things she believes her parent does for her...might just be things being done TO her.

She's lived her entire life believing that she was sick, but now it looks like mom may have been the sick one all along.

© Hulu

Our initial take is that this could be a modern day "Misery," starring the incredible Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen as mom and fully manipulated daughter.

© Hulu

Instead of a crazed book fan, the person doing the persecuting this time is the person who created you...which is sort of the ultimate tragedy.

It'll take everything to escape "loving" mother's clutches.

To see how this daughter fares, watch the full trailer.

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