Trailer Breakdown: 'News of the World'

Did you hear the news? There's a new trailer for Tom Hanks' upcoming film "News of the World" and we're breaking it down for you.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Tom Hanks in "News of the World."

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December 25, 2020

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In the same way that Paul Revere rode on horseback letting Americans know that the British were coming, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (played by Tom Hanks) travels from town to town to deliver the news from across the world.

The second trailer for "News of the World" was released today, and it gives us a much more extensive look at the journey ahead for Hanks as well as the full backstory of his new companion, Johanna Leonberger (played by Helena Zengel).

In the first teaser trailer, we learned that Captain Jefferson is transporting Johanna to her family, but we didn't know how they met or why he's doing this for a stranger.

With the release of this second trailer, we now have the bigger picture.

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Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd is a storyteller, but not in the usual sense, because it's actually his occupation.

He rides from miles and miles around to bring the actual news from different regions to those areas that are unaware of what's going on in other parts of the world.

During his journey, he runs into a wagon that looks like it was ambushed, and that's where he meets Johanna.

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Upon searching through the wreckage, Captain Jefferson finds out that most of her family are dead. But she does have relatives that are out there.

He makes it his duty to get her back to her remaining family so that she can try to live a normal life.

Tom Hanks' character seems to be a well-mannered fellow, but once he picks up this previously captive girl who never learned how to speak English, all hell seems to break loose.

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Captain Jefferson is used to casually riding through different areas, but that will no longer be the case with everyone trying to bargain for or possibly steal this girl from him.

While so many movies have fallen off of the 2020 theatrical slate, this one remains, and it looks like a moving film.

"News of the World" is set to hit theaters December 25, 2020.

Click below to watch the trailer for yourself.

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