Trailer Breakdown: 'Fatale'

All it takes is one mistake to send you down the wrong path in life, and getting on that track is a heck of a lot easier than getting off...

By Jesse Conner

© Lionsgate

© Lionsgate


Thriller / 2020 / R

A married man's life turns into a living nightmare when he has a one-night stand with a manipulative woman.

As we go through life, situations arise for everyone where we have to make a decision that might seem small at the time, but could ultimately affect the rest of our life.

Some people might see these moments as opportunities, while others view them as something they'll regret because actions have consequences, for better or worse.

In the new trailer for "Fatale," one lapse of judgement with the wrong person has the possibility to flip a man's entire world upside down.

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A married man, drunk in Vegas, at a club, without his wife, dancing with a girl he just met? Hmm. Maybe not the most ideal situation to test one's will power.

Infidelity, divorce...things that could definitely mess up his existence.

After watching the trailer, we're certain that will be the least of this guy's worries.

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Drunken affairs in Las Vegas don't usually involve a lot of trust between the strangers participating.

But, to twist the plot a little further...afterwards, someone breaks into his house, beats him up, doesn't steal anything, and then the lead detective on the case ends up being the woman with whom he just had a liaison.

Coincidence? Yeah, no.

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Topping it all off (if there wasn't enough already), the detective claims he's a person of interest for a recent murder.

So in the end...was that night in Sin City really worth it?

Thanks to the movie, it just might be for audiences. From the clip, we honestly can't tell who is setting the man up with 100% certainty, but we do know his act of debauchery has set in motion a chain of events that may eventually lead to him being viewed as a killer, or something worse.

To decipher the clues, watch the full trailer below.

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