Trailer Breakdown: 'Cherry'

The first full-length trailer for "Cherry" has Tom Holland playing a man going through significantly different stages of his life and barely hanging on.

By Jesse Conner

Tom Holland in "Cherry."

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Drama / 2021 / R

With the release of the first full trailer for Tom Holland's "Cherry" (directed by his "Avengers: Endgame" directors Joe and Anthony Russo), we see a very different side of the star with his acting chops being put to the test.

Holland plays a man who seems to be bordering between desperate and insane due to a series of life crossroads and decisions he's made, which have ultimately led him to a brink where he's currently hanging on by a thread.

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From student, to lover, to soldier, to junkie, to thief, the young man's will to live is tested and at each stage of he's questioning what landed him where he is.

As we go from phase to phase, Holland seems to become less and less recognizable to others and himself. Though he still tries to maintain some base-level moral compass, it looks like it gets harder to define what crosses the line.

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He also feels like he's already seen what's going to happen, and in this vision of sorts, he doesn't see any version of his story that has a happy ending.

To watch the actor elevate his game by bringing this unhinged character to life, check out the full trailer below.

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