Top Movies at Home - 'A Quiet Place Part II,' 'Nobody' and More

Here's the roundup of this week's top movies at home, now available to rent or own, including recent horror hit "A Quiet Place Part II" and "Nobody."

Matt Lissauer

By Matt Lissauer

Top Movies at Home - "A Quiet Place Part II."

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Looking to make it a movie night? Great! Here are the top movies at home that you can watch right now, from across the major video-on-demand services. Bookmark this page as we'll be updating it each week with a new top ten.

  • 1A Quiet Place: Part II
    Millicent Simmonds, Emily Blunt and Noah Jupe in "A Quiet Place: Part II."

    © Paramount / Courtesy Everett Collection

    It's no shock that John Krasinki's anticipated follow-up to his 2018 smash hit "A Quiet Place," would be the top movie at home on its first week on PVOD. "A Quiet Place: Part II" made a very loud impact in theaters when it debuted over Memorial Day Weekend. After a year-long delay, people were excited to get back to the cinema and continue the story of the Abbott clan as they continue to navigate their terrifying world. If you still need to catch up, here are the 9 things to know before watching.

    A Quiet Place: Part II Poster

    A Quiet Place: Part II

    Horror / 2021 / PG-13

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  • 2Nobody
    Box Office winner Bob Odenkirk's "Nobody."

    © Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "Nobody" gets knocked to the No. 2 slot of our list of the top movies at home. Actor/comedian Bob Odenkirk breaks bad in this action thriller that's one part "John Wick" and one part "Taken." Odenkirk plays Hutch Mansell, a mild-mannered husband and father. He's also a former CIA assassin. Hutch gets pulled back into his former life after burglars come to his house. Lesson learned here: be careful who you mess with. Don't agree? Read our review.

    Nobody Poster


    Action / 2021 / R

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  • 3Wrath of Man
    Jason Statham in "Wrath of Man."

    © MGM / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "Wrath of Man" is no match against the fury of the Top 2. But this crime thriller is still one of the top movies to watch at home. Director Guy Ritchie re-teams with his "Lock, Stock" and "Snatch" collaborator Jason Statham for this update of 2004 French actioner "Cash Truck." While reviews were mixed, fans of Ritchie and Statham can do no wrong here.

    Wrath of Man Poster

    Wrath of Man

    Thriller / 2021 / R

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  • 4A Quiet Place
    Noah Jupe, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds in "A Quiet Place."

    © Paramount / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Just as "A Quiet Place: Part II" makes a big bang at home, people are reacquainting themselves with the Abbott clan and the events that went down on their farm in "Part I." John Krasinski's breakout 2018 horror hit, "A Quiet Place" follows Lee and Evelyn Abbott as they struggle to raise their children in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by aliens with hypersensitive hearing.

    A Quiet Place Poster

    A Quiet Place

    Horror / 2018 / PG-13

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  • 5Godzilla vs. Kong
    Godzilla takes on Kong in "Godzilla vs. Kong."

    © HBO Max / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "Godzilla vs. Kong" proved that the big screen is back. And now this epic battle of beasts stands as one of the top movies to watch at home. Indie horror director Adam Wingard goes big as the King of Monsters takes on the King of Apes. This grand showdown is for the sake of saving humanity. And, unlike the last time when Godzilla took on Kong in the 1960s, this time there is a definitive winner.

    Godzilla vs. Kong Poster

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    Action / 2021 / PG-13

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  • 6Mortal Kombat
    Ludi Lin and Max Huang in "Mortal Kombat."

    © Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Get over here! First-time director Simon McQuoid breathes new life in this cinematic reboot of the popular video game franchise. While the film didn't win over the hearts of the critics, it certainly delivers as the best kind of fan service. "Mortal Kombat" knows its audience and if you're a fan of the games and the original films, you'll find plenty to love here.

    Mortal Kombat Poster

    Mortal Kombat

    Action / 2021 / R

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  • 7Space Jam
    Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny in "Space Jam."

    © Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Families were quick to welcome back the jam this weekend, with "Space Jam: A New Legacy" topping the box office and besting Marvel's "Black Widow." They're also revisiting the 1996 original. And if you've seen the sequel, you'll know that the original "Jam" is pretty hard to beat. More proof that Michael Jordan is the greatest. Sorry Bron fans.

    Space Jam Poster

    Space Jam

    Comedy / 1996 / PG

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  • 8Till Death
    Megan Fox in "Till Death."

    © Screen Media Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

    A woman (Megan Fox) in an unhappy marriage wakes up to find herself handcuffed to her now-dead husband. But questions abound when she discovers his death is only the beginning of a more sinister plot. Fox amps up the melodrama in this thriller that could otherwise play too conventional.

    Till Death Poster

    Till Death

    Horror / 2021 / R

  • 9Werewolves Within
    Sam Richardson and Milana Vayntrub in "Werewolves Within."

    © IFC Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

    This Tribeca 2021 entry is a faithful video game adaptation with an indie charm. It's also a perfect blend of horror and comedy that keeps in line with the game's main premise. Updated to modern times from the game's medieval setting, "Werewolves Within" finds forest ranger Finn (Sam Richardson) and mail carrier Cecily (Milana Vayntrub) trying to determine which one of their townsfolk is really a werewolf in disguise.

    Werewolves Within Poster

    Werewolves Within

    Horror / 2021 / R

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  • 10Cruella
    Emma Stone in "Cruella."

    © Disney+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Emma Stone brings to life one of Disney's most evil villainesses. Director Craig Gillespie traces the origins of notorious fashionista Cruella de Vil and her desire for haute black polka-dotted couture. Stone brings a unique performance that stands out from Glenn Close's take from the '90s.

    Cruella Poster


    Comedy / 2021 / PG-13

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