Top Film of the 2010s: 'Black Panther'

This week's Motion Picks winner for the top film of the 2010s goes to "Black Panther."

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Top Film of the 2010s: "Black Panther"

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Thanks to everyone who voted on Motion Picks (available in the Noovie Trivia app), our winner for the top film of the 2010s goes to "Black Panther."

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Black Panther



February 16, 2018

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Results brought to you by Motion Picks on Noovie Trivia

Results brought to you by Motion Picks on Noovie Trivia

This Marvel superhero flick was not only the highest-grossing film of 2018, but it's also the only superhero movie to ever win 3 Oscars, standing above films like "The Dark Knight," "The Incredibles," and "Joker" which all only earned 2 Oscars. Those achievements are certainly a testament to the advancement of the Marvel films and how they've clearly progressed in popularity over the years, but it's even more representative of the extremely talented cast and crew.

With incredible direction from Ryan Coogler and outstanding performances by Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan, "Black Panther" was a film that the world marveled over for quite some time following its release. From the acting to the story, to the special effects, and costume design, the film brought this comic book character to life in such a way that it empowered African American and minority audiences that sometimes may not feel as represented in superhero movies.

By this point, Boseman had already had success in film playing the roles of various African American icons like Jackie Robinson in "42" and James Brown in "Get On Up," but when he took the role of King T'Challa, the outpour of love and excitement from the world was remarkable. Though we wish Boseman was still here to celebrate his portfolio of greatness, we're very thankful that he left this cinematic gem behind for us. Wakanda Forever!

For those that might not agree with the pick, or maybe you just want to have a voice in our next decision, go to Motion Picks and vote for your favorites (and play lots of trivia) by downloading our Noovie Trivia App.

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