Tom Holland's Best Movie Moments

Tom Holland's new film "Cherry" finally hits Apple TV+ tomorrow. In anticipation, we're calling out his 10 best movie moments so far.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Tom Holland's Best Movie Moments

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Tom Holland's film "Cherry" is coming to Apple TV+ tomorrow and it's been getting a lot of buzz.

This film has Holland pushing his limits as a character that goes through severe changes, with each influential step putting him at a crossroads that will determine how good or bad the next part of his life will be.

Though Holland is playing one man, he's essentially playing 5 characters that are drastically different, with the irony being that they share the same name.

In honor of the complex role, we're highlighting some of Holland's best movie moments in other films that prove he's a one-of-a-kind talent.

Spider-Man Makes His Entrance ('Captain America: Civil War')

As we're sure you're prepared for, about half of Holland's movie moments are from the MCU with him as the friendly neighborhood hero Spider-Man. This first clip is a special one because it's the first time we get to see this teenage webslinger in action, introducing himself to the Avengers by stealing Captain America's shield. It's a bold entrance even if he doesn't quite stick the landing.

Lucas Reunites with his Family ('The Impossible')

In Holland's feature film debut, he plays a young boy that is separated from his family due to a tsunami. The heartbreaking event is based on a true story during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, and the film has many emotional scenes that deserve recognition, but the moment when Lucas (Holland) reunites with his family is one that will bring you to tears.

Spider-Man Battles Vulture ('Spider-Man: Homecoming')

Our next movie moment is from Holland's first standalone Spider-Man flick "Spider-Man: Homecoming." There are a lot of action-packed, funny, and emotional moments to choose from, and we wish we could pick them all, but we've landed on Holland's epic fight with Vulture. We know Spider-Man can fight on a team, but this is the moment where he proves he can hold his own as well.

Jack Talks Back to his Father ('The Lost City of Z')

This scene is an interesting one, where Charlie Hunnam and Tom Holland face off as father and son. In the film, Hunnam is a man of exploration who believes there is a lost city full of gold, and will stop at nothing to discover it. Holland, on the other hand, is the son who's tired of being an afterthought when it comes to his father's aspirations. The festering rage finally comes to light as Holland begins yelling and demeaning his father, only to be swiftly disciplined in return.

Spider-Man Turns to Dust ('Avengers: Infinity War')

We can say this moment might make you cry or that moment might make you cry... but this moment will 100% make you cry. In a Marvel movie where the villain wins, and half of the population is snapped away, Peter Parker just happens to be in the half that disintegrates. With Tony Stark holding him in his arms, he repeats the phrase "I don't wanna go!" over and over, bringing on a wellspring of emotions.

Samuel and Thomas Argue ('The Current War')

From Holland's filmography, this project might be the one that you might not immediately recognize. His role in the historical drama is that of Samuel Insull, who was Thomas Edison's (Benedict Cumberbatch) personal secretary. During a heated discussion, Samuel and Thomas begin to argue about the current war that's happening, and the tense exchange reaches higher levels as the two begin yelling at each other. Although it's only a verbal altercation, the clip proves that sometimes being anything but physical can make things even more intense.

Spider-Man Says Farewell to Iron Man ('Avengers: Endgame')

Again, this one's another tearjerker. Though people will already be close to tears when seeing the great Iron Man sacrifice his life to save the universe, they'll be even more weepy listening to Spider-Man mourning the loss of his mentor/father figure. You can hear the pain Holland carries in his voice when speaking to Robert Downey Jr., with the cheery and goofy character falling to pieces in front of his colleagues.

The Mute Tackles Brother Diarmuid('Pilgrimage')

This blood-soaked pilgrimage is definitely one to watch, casting Holland as Brother Diarmuid who's a monk that's on a journey to transport a holy relic to Rome. The trek features the unholiest of violence along the way, and one scene we found to be interesting is when the novice Diarmuid (Holland) is tackled by the Mute (Jon Bernthal) and the Mute tries to kill him thinking he's another enemy. Luckily, he quickly realizes his mistake.

Spider-Man Fights Mysterio ('Spider-Man: Far From Home')

Here comes that Spidey tingle! We always hear about Spider-Man and his amazing senses, but this is one of the clips that actually shows it in overdrive. In his most recent film, Spider-Man faces off against Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), but because Mysterio's charade consists of endless smoke and mirrors, Spider-Man is tricked again and again. Finally, when Peter gets a second wind of confidence, he trusts his tingle to lead him to victory.

Arvin Confronts Reverend Preston ('The Devil All the Time')

This final moment is from a film that has many memorable ones, but we chose this because it pins Holland up against Robert Pattinson. Holland is a man raised on violence who has a good heart, whereas Pattinson is a reverend who claims to be virtuous but is as sinful as they get. As they stand against each other, Holland with pistol in hand, it becomes a scene of righteous vindication. We knew Holland was a good actor, but this scene and film shows he's a versatile one as well.

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