Tom Hanks' 20 Most Memorable Movie Characters

"Reach for the sky..." and remember "there's no crying in baseball," as we countdown "Finch" star Tom Hanks' most memorable movie characters.

Matt Lissauer

By Matt Lissauer

Tom Hanks in poster art for "Finch."

© Apple TV+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

Tom Hanks is back on screen with his new Apple TV+ film "Finch." It's just him, a dog, and a CGI robot for two hours. But it's Hanks, and if there's an actor that can carry a picture like this, it's him. As Hanks waxes poetic about the apocalypse in "Finch," we run down his 20 most memorable movie characters from his career.

Tom Hanks, Bradford Bancroft in "Bachelor Party."
Tom Hanks in "Cloud Atlas."
Audrey Tautou, Tom Hanks in "The Da Vinci Code."
Tom Hanks and Hooch in "Turner & Hooch."
Tom Hanks in "The Terminal."
Tom Hanks in "The Green Mile."
Tom Hanks in "Splash."
Tyler Hoechlin, Tom Hanks in "Road to Perdition."
Tom Hanks in "Sully."
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail."
Tom Hanks in "That Thing You Do!"
Tom Hanks, Frank John Hughes, Brian Howe in "Catch Me If You Can."


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