'The Suicide Squad:' Reviewer Roundup

The big, new movie opening this weekend is "The Suicide Squad," and the critics are absolutely beaming. Here's what's being said.

Chuck Walton

By Chuck Walton

The Suicide Squad Reviewer Roundup

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The third time really is the charm when it comes to DC's "Suicide Squad" movies. After lukewarm critical and/or audience responses to both "Suicide Squad" and the Harley Quinn spinoff "Birds of Prey," director James Gunn has taken the ball and scored a direct critical hit with his new take on this unruly crew of anti-heroes.

His new film "The Suicide Squad," one day before its release in theaters and on HBO Max, sports a winning 95% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Will that translate to boffo box office results? Only time will tell.

But according to those who've seen it, this superhero story is a colorful, funny, entertaining, and hard R-rated treat for adult genre fans who appreciate the offbeat. Which is only fitting coming from the creator of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" films (who started his career writing awesome, over-the-top schlock like the '90s cult classic "Tromeo and Juliet").

See below for the preview, and some of the glowing reviews so far.

Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service – "What’s remarkable about 'The Suicide Squad,' is that for all its bloody sneering and snark, you care about all of these characters, who actually feel like real people."

Brian Tallerico, Ebert.com – "While it feels like 'The Suicide Squad' is a rollercoaster without brakes, it’s actually a very well-calibrated action comedy, alternating humorous beats with bursts of intense violence."

Megan Navarro, Bloody Disgusting – "Who lives and dies isn’t guaranteed, and Gunn never shies away from killing his darlings. The true villains and antagonists are never cut and dry, either. That unpredictability, combined with the massive heart pumping through this movie’s veins, creates an epic spectacle of a film."

David Sims, The Atlantic – "'The Suicide Squad' is very funny, bleakly self-aware, and shockingly violent—a refreshing mix of familiar conventions and gory satire. In a sea of sequels, reboots, crossovers, and origin stories, it stands out like few other recent adaptations have."

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle – "Finally, the action is well-done and, in places, inspired, demonstrating the same free-form spirit we find in the dialogue."

Chuck Walton

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