'The Protégé': 9 Things to Know Before You Watch

To get ready for the full-blown war that Anna will be starting in "The Protégé" this weekend, here are the 9 things you should know before you go.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

The Protege: 9 Things to Know

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Are you ready for the newest female renegade that'll be taking over the big screen this weekend? Are you sure? Because Anna (Maggie Q) is an extremely stealthy, well-trained assassin. She'll be seeking revenge this weekend for the murder of her mentor Moody (Samuel L. Jackson). She knows that this business eventually comes to an end for everyone. But she needs to avenge her mentor. Moody was her only real family. So, she has no choice but to kill anyone and everyone who gets in her way. To make sure you've got all the facts about "The Protégé," we're giving you the 9 things you should know before watching it in theaters this weekend.

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    From the Studio that Made 'John Wick'

    The Protege: 9 Things to Know

    © Summit Entertainment/courtesy Everett Collection

    If you didn't already know, Lionsgate is the studio responsible for producing all of the films from the John Wick franchise. And they're employing a female assassin this time in "The Protégé." From the trailer alone, we wouldn't be surprised if the new character Anna lives somewhere in the John Wick universe. And we sincerely hope that down the line we find out that she does! Of course, that's just our own wishful thinking. But Anna does seem like the type of mercenary that would gain Wick's respect.

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    'Casino Royale' Director Martin Campbell Is at the Helm

    The Protege: 9 Things to Know

    © Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection

    Director of "Casino Royale" and "GoldenEye" Martin Campbell is the one calling the shots for this new picture. Having the directorial eye from an older Bond film and a new one sets Campbell up perfectly to bring the best of all worlds to the table. Here's another opportunity for him to create something new and exciting in the action world with a different kind of hero.

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    Samuel L. Jackson Will Be the Contract Killing Mentor

    The Protege: 9 Things to Know

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    A protégé can only exist if there is a mentor. In this case, the mentor, Moody, is played by none other than Samuel L. Jackson. One of the things we already know from the trailer and plot info is that Jackson's role in "The Protégé" will be short-lived. But we're still excited to see him demonstrate some of the skills he's passed down to Anna over the years.

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    Anna's Been Killing Since She Was Young

    The Protege: 9 Things to Know

    © Lionsgate /Courtesy Everett Collection

    Anna didn't end up as the world's most skilled contract killer by accident. As a young child, Anna was rescued by her legendary teacher and was trained by him to learn this deadly craft. Moody was like a father to Anna and so he taught her everything he possibly could about being a great assassin. She's spent most of her life learning that in her world it's kill or be killed.

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    Michael Keaton Is Playing the Villain Boss

    The Protege: 9 Things to Know

    © Lionsgate /Courtesy Everett Collection

    Another great casting choice is Michael Keaton as the main villain. This certainly isn't Keaton's first rodeo, with one of his more recent villainous roles happening in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” as supervillain Adrian Toomes, or more popularly known as the Vulture. There's no doubt that Keaton has a knack for switching between charming and creepy in the blink of an eye. We know that Keaton's character in "The Protégé" seems like the kind of guy that'll start with the easy way but then quickly escalate to the hard way if things need to get a little more difficult.

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    It's Anna Versus the Organization

    The Protege: 9 Things to Know

    © Lionsgate /Courtesy Everett Collection

    Because Anna's mentor Moody was family to her, she doesn't care who or how many people she has to take on. She's set on finding the person responsible for his death. And she won't stop even if it means tearing down an entire criminal organization on her own. With all of the skills she's accrued over the years, she's confident in her ability to track down the guilty culprits.

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    Maggie Q's Gun Skills Are Unmatched

    The Protege: 9 Things to Know

    © Lionsgate /Courtesy Everett Collection

    Something to really keep an eye out for is actress Maggie Q's shooting skills. Though we don't know the specifics of the training she's gone through, in a recent interview, she said that you could theoretically hand her any gun and she would know how to use it. She certainly had plenty of practice shooting guns with her titular role as a rogue assassin in the TV show "Nikita." And even from the few previews and clips we've seen, her gun skills look sharper than ever.

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    Robert Patrick Will Be Making an Appearance

    The Protege: 9 Things to Know

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    Though it hasn't really been talked about too much, "Terminator 2" actor Robert Patrick has a role to play in this shootout. It appears that his role won't be as significant as his Hollywood co-stars. Based on what we know about "The Protégé," Patrick's character Billy Boy looks more like a retired assassin that Anna and Moody may have worked with on certain things in the past.

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    The Flick Is Brimming with Stunts

    The Protege: 9 Things to Know

    © Lionsgate /Courtesy Everett Collection

    Prepare yourself for Maggie Q like you never seen her before. She'll be fighting against all manner of bad guys. She'll be propelling down buildings. And she'll be gunning down enemies. And that's just what we've seen in the previews. Finally, this underrated badass heroine has an A-list action film to match her leading talents.

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