'The Prom': Sink or Stream?

Should audiences reject this prom proposal, or get dressed and attend the shindig?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Cast of "The Prom."

Cast of "The Prom."

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December 11, 2020

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Various events in our life happen that we always remember and look back on, whether they went well or not.

While many might not admit it, high school prom is one of those events.

For those that go and have a great time, it's a happy memory. For those that go and don't have a great time, it's a distant memory. And for those that don't or can't go at all, it's a missing one.

This week's new release on Netflix, "The Prom," is about a girl who wants to take another girl to prom, but since that isn't the "Christian" thing to do, she's denied the opportunity.

Before you put on your own dancing shoes to check out this flick, here's our take.

Reasons to Sink

© Netflix

© Netflix

  • There's a substantial number of musical numbers, some of which are recycled later in the film, which tend to overwhelm the story at times.
  • The film centers on the important subject of intolerance towards one's sexual orientation, but it could have dug in deeper in the final resolution.
  • There are some characters, especially the antagonists, whose arcs fall somewhat short.

Reasons to Stream

© Netflix

© Netflix

  • The singing and choreography in the film is stunning, and the ensemble cast puts on a spectacular show.
  • This film tells a vital story about what it's like to have to hide in an intolerant world, and how to empower yourself to rise above it. It's a strong message that will resonate with members of the LGBTQ community, and should be taken to heart by all audiences.
  • For a film that might seem more for fans of musical theatre, this one's a winner for all demographics, and it creates some genuinely thought-provoking and emotional moments.

Sink or Stream?

If you're considering whether to attend "The Prom," our advice is to don your finest and stream asap!

The showmanship alone, with stellar performances by Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Andrew Rannells, and newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman, is worth the price of admission.

More importantly, the issues around LGBTQ acceptance which filmmaker Ryan Murphy addresses, coupled with the movie's Broadway aesthetics, make for a fantastic experience.

To attend the event, stream now on Netflix.

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