The Oscars Fan Experience

Noovie got a front row seat in the fan section at this year's Oscars red carpet event. What was that like? Let us show you...

By Jesse Conner

Noovie at the 2020 Oscars.

© Photo by Noovie

Thanks to the generosity of the Academy, Noovie had the opportunity of attending the 92nd Oscars fan experience where all of this year's hottest celebs were walking the red carpet...and what an experience it was!

Chris Connelly was the host with the most for the epic event, and we were close enough to literally "almost" rub elbows with him...

With so many nominees and attendees, the carpet flooded with talent (pun intended, since there was also a lot of heavy rainfall before the carpet officially opened).

Nevertheless, we fans did get a chance to single out our favorite nominated actors, directors, cinematographers...pretty much the best of the best from the movie sets...dressed in their best...

The first familiar faces to hit the scene were the young gents from "1917," Dean-Charles Chapman and George MacKay.

© Photo by Noovie

Then, fans were lucky enough to catch Bong Joon-ho, director of "Parasite," who ended up finishing the night with four Oscars (a first for any one individual, and this one was particularly gracious, humble and humorous).

Bong and fellow director Rian Johnson spotted each other, immediately hugged, and gave us this gem of a picture.

© Photo by Noovie

The two directors brought us some breathtakingly original movies this year, so we're happy to see they're such good pals, too.

Shortly after, we got to see Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner Laura Dern say hello to those adorable kids from "Jojo Rabbit" (who were truly the life of this party).

© Photo by Noovie

As the celebs continued to pour in, we noticed some "little women" you might recognize, too: Greta Gerwig, Florence Pugh, and Saoirse Ronan.

© Photo by Noovie

Saoirse even saw Greta and ran to catch up and hug it out.

© Photo by Noovie

Then, we got a chance to see the eventual Oscar winners, Best Actor Joaquin Phoenix giving us a quick grin, and Renée Zellweger embracing our fan section like her character Judy Garland arms and an open heart.

© Photo by Noovie

And, the moment humanity was waiting for, we thankfully got a glimpse of Cliff Booth in the flesh...Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Brad Pitt.

© Photo by Noovie

That's the Noovie fan experience in a nutshell, but a picture is worth a thousand click here to check out our photo gallery, including a mix of photos from the experience and lots more from the Everett Collection.

And actually, let's give one last glimpse of Scarlett Johansson having a great time on her momentous day, being nominated for two Oscars for acting in two separate films. Go ScarJo!

© Photo by Noovie

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