'The New Mutants' Trailer Features Marvel's Newest Supers

A new trailer has been released for an interesting Marvel film (postponed from earlier release) that brings us a new ensemble of gifted youngsters.

By Jesse Conner


Fox and Marvel (now joined together under the Disney umbrella) are working to bring audiences a new entourage of superpowered teens in the upcoming film "The New Mutants" (originally scheduled for release in 2019...but better later than never). The studio just dropped the second trailer for the new flick, and it's even more intense than the first trailer.

The movie follows the lives of 5 mutants that are being hidden away and "protected" because their powers are deemed too dangerous.

What they don't know is, are they really being protected, or are they being held captive by scientists who are trying to figure out how to kill them?

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What looks like a sister school to X-Men's famous Xavier Institute for Higher Learning may turn out to be more like Leo DiCaprio's experience when he was trapped on Shutter Island.

It's hard to tell from the trailer what exactly are the circumstances, but there is one thing we know after seeing it...they're not the only monsters in this cage. These superkids will have no choice but to face their greatest fears if they want to leave with their lives....

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Based on the trailer, we're looking forward to seeing how these newbies fair as the new additions to the MCU (cast including millenial favorites Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, and more).

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