The Most Iconic Asian Action Star: Jackie Chan

This week's Motion Picks winner for the most iconic Asian action star goes to the Hong Kong actor and martial artist Jackie Chan.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

The Most Iconic Asian Action Star: Jackie Chan

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Thanks to everyone who voted on Motion Picks (available in the Noovie Trivia app), our winner for the most iconic Asian action star goes to Jackie Chan.


As we continue to celebrate the month of AAPI, we're honoring a man who everyone will recognize. This Asian action star is known globally for his legendary, carefully choreographed stunts. Did we mention that he also performs them all himself? And to be honest, we'd be surprised if you don't see him in the top ten of any lists for the best action stars of all time. He's a legend. He brings the action. He brings the comedy And, he can bring anything in between. His first big US box office win was with "Rush Hour." This proved that he could do it all.

Welcome to Hollywood, Jackie!

Chan has been making movies since the '70s and he still continues to make them. He even starred alongside Bruce Lee as a stuntman in "Enter the Dragon." Chan saw this as a monumental step in his career. Lee accidentally hit Chan while filming and after the incident, Bruce knew his name. Chan says to this day that this is his best story. Also, Bruce Lee was voted second on this poll and only lost by one vote. We could choose either of these legends as the most iconic Asian action star. But today, Jackie Chan wins this title. Jet Li wasn't as close as these two, but he still earned the 3rd place spot, which we would agree with. So, we give a final congrats to Jackie Chan and we wish the other better luck next time!

For those that might not agree with the pick, or maybe you just want to have a voice in our next decision, go to Motion Picks and vote for your favorites (and play lots of trivia) by downloading our Noovie Trivia App.

Jesse Conner

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