'The Last Duel' Review: Is It Worth the Watch?

Is this last legally sanctioned fight to the death worth watching, or is "The Last Duel" unworthy of your time?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

The Last Duel Review: Is It Worth the Watch?

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Based on a true story, Ridley Scott's latest is the tale of Marguerite de Carrouges, who, during medieval times, accuses a squire of raping her. Because it is her claim alone and women at the time are subject to their spouses, it's up to her husband to also step up. As a result, her husband Sir Jean de Carrouges takes it upon himself to challenge squire Jacques Le Gris to a trial by combat. The duel was approved by King Charles VI and became the last legal duel to the death in the history of France. Before you watch "The Last Duel," we're here with some thoughts.

Reasons to Watch...

© 20th Century Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

© 20th Century Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

  • Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck are astonishingly versatile with their ability to act out the same scenes in subtly different ways. The nuances between their various performances from each perspective offer new things to the narrative.
  • Director Ridley Scott does an incredible job creating the intense, yet very realistic, bloody battle scenes. His genius shines with his execution of the final duel.
  • The costume design, accents, and settings are all amazing.
  • The way the story is told is very unique, offering each person's point of view before revealing the actual truth.

Or Not...

© 20th Century Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

© 20th Century Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

  • "The Last Duel" appears to use "Game of Thrones" as an outline for most of its characters in a way that's very similar to the actual show. It feels as though some characters have been cut and pasted here with a different name.
  • There are some very sensitive scenes involving rape that may be too difficult to watch for some audiences.
  • This film was a bit longer than it needed to be due to the overlap of different perspectives that tell the same story.

Watch or Not?

After our viewing of "The Last Duel," we recommend that you definitely check it out.

It's crazy to think that it's been nearly 25 years since Damon and Affleck wrote and acted in "Good Will Hunting" together. And they've produced another quality film here. It's also crazy to think that this story is based on an actual event in history. It has a lot to say about a real event in the past, and one that still has lessons for today.

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