The Best Movie of the 1990s: 'Jurassic Park' Rules the Kingdom

This week's Motion Picks winner for the best movie of the 1990s goes to the iconic world of dinosaur wonder, "Jurassic Park."

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

The Best Movie of the 1990s: Jurassic Park

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Thanks to everyone who voted on Motion Picks (available in the Noovie Trivia app), our winner for the best movie of the 1990s goes to "Jurassic Park."

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June 11, 1993

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There were some great choices for the best movie from the 1990s, but there's no question that "Jurassic Park" is THE best. This 1993 sci-fi classic was able to earn itself 3 Academy awards. And it still remains in the top 50 for highest-grossing movies of all time. From its unforgettable score to its astounding visual effects, "Jurassic Park" was an absolute game changer. If Spielberg hadn't already proved his genius, directing films like "Jaws" and "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," then he did with this. And the world of imagination that came out of this film still lives on today. There are still new films being added to the franchise because of its universal popularity. "Life finds a way."

This make-believe park full of cloned dinosaurs is one that no matter what age you are, you want to visit. Well, you'd probably want to visit it before the dinosaurs go crazy and try to eat you. As long as you find the nice dinos then you'll be fine. But even today, "Jurassic Park" still plays in theaters from time to time. When theaters have no new movies and want to screen something, they can pull this gem out of their back pocket and no one questions it. Why? Because it's a timeless film. If anything, people are excited to get another opportunity to see it on the big screen.

For those that might not agree with the pick, or maybe you just want to have a voice in our next decision, go to Motion Picks and vote for your favorites (and play lots of trivia) by downloading our Noovie Trivia App.

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