Bond Weapons: James Bond's 10 Best, Ranked

Over the years, 007's sported a license to kill and lots of Bond weapons. Here, we rank the 10 most memorable in his armory.

Chuck Walton

By Chuck Walton

Dr. No Walther PPK

(c) Eon Productions / Courtesy of Everett Collection

For almost 60 years, James Bond has been protecting the free world using all manner of dependable weaponry. He has his favorites, to be sure. But the Eon film franchise has also seen him sport a few different types of artillery across the decades, just to keep the secret agent and audiences on their toes. Here, in tribute to his 25th film adventure, we present our 10 favorite Bond weapons, ranked to 007's - and our - number one.

Goldeneye Bond Weapons
Tomorrow Never Dies
Skyfall Bond Weapons
The Man with the Golden Gun Bond Weapons
Tomorrow Never Dies
Goldfinger Bond Weapons

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