'Summer of Soul' Trailer Breakdown: The Revolution is Live

In 1969, there was a landmark concert series called the Harlem Cultural Festival, and this "Summer of Soul" is finally coming to light in this new trailer.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Summer of Soul Trailer Breakdown

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The Harlem Cultural Festival was a celebration of African American music and culture in the summer of '69. This series of concerts was recorded, but the footage was never shown. After roughly 50 years, the festival is finally getting its time to shine on the big screen. The newest trailer for "Summer of Soul" puts us in the front row of this epic jam session and we're here to break it down for you.

"Summer of Soul": Trailer Breakdown

This documentary is one that will bring to life the historic concert series from 1969 that occurred the same summer as Woodstock. For many, this event may also be something they aren't super familiar with. That's because all of the film that was taken during the music festival has been sitting in a basement all this time. Even just from this teaser trailer, we can tell it's going to be an iconic re-write of history. We're also extremely excited to see famed musician Questlove in the director's chair.

We've seen plenty of artists that come from a film background and direct documentaries about famous singers and bands. But there haven't been too many musicians to make their directorial debut with such an auspicious music documentary. We're interested to see what Questlove does with this one.

We're also seeing that the documentary won't be all about the music. During this complicated time of bigotry and racial injustice, there was a large revolution that came with the music. That's probably one of the biggest reasons for why the footage is now being released. We're just thankful that is still exists. By destroying any of that video, you'd be destroying history.

The trailer goes from people laughing and loving and singing their hearts out in one frame, to being pulled away by police in another. We see members of the Black Panther party standing strong together, and we also see riots and fires breaking out.

Based on the trailer alone, we know this "Summer of Soul" will show everything it can from that momentous time. How do we know? Because the revolution is finally going to be televised. Be sure to watch the full trailer below and keep an eye out for the documentary in theaters and on Hulu on July 2, 2021.

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