Spider-Man Movies in Order, Ranked to Ultimate Amazingness

With "Spider-Man: No Way Home" receiving some glowing reviews, we wanted to rank all of the previous Spider-Man movies in order to the most amazing.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Spider-Man Movies in Order, Ranked - Spider-Man: No Way Home

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With every additional film, the debate continues about which Spider-Man is the GOAT and which movie is the best. In anticipation of the newly released "Spider-Man: No Way Home," we're here to put this argument to rest. We know every fan has their own fav Spider-Man (which may include a new number one with the highly reviewed latest entry). And we're not going to try to convince you to switch sides. But what we will do is give you a definitive list of all the Spider-Man movies (before "No Way Home") ranked in order to the greatest. Check out our list below and see if you agree. Also, be sure to click the link at the bottom of our list for more in the comic book movie universe in our Noovieverse!

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    Spider-Man Movies in Order, Ranked - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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    The biggest compliment we can give Garfield's Spidey is that he had some stellar moves. The choreography in this film was next level. And it really showcased how agile and physical Spider-Man can and should be given his abilities.

    Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to make the story less confused. In this sequel film, the filmmakers try to do too much, bringing in too many different villains. But we do enjoy seeing the on-screen sparks fly between Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man and Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy.

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    Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man Movies in Order, Ranked - Spider-Man 3

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    Many would argue that in the order of Spider-Man movies, this should be ranked last on our list. We understand that perspective. But without this film we also wouldn't have the birth of "Bully Maguire" which has been sweeping the internet, one meme at a time.

    All jokes aside, director Sam Raimi took the opportunity in his third at-bat to indulge audiences in a reality where the saintly Peter Parker puts some dirt in your eye. And where this film really falls short is the execution of the blasé Sandman. The film is our first introduction to Venom, but he's only featured in one major fight scene for all of two seconds.

    Spider-Man 3 Poster

    Spider-Man 3



    May 4, 2007

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    Spider-Man Movies in Order, Ranked - The Amazing Spider-Man

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    Though we rank it quite low in our order of Spider-Man movies, it has its merits. It's our introduction to Garfield's edgier Spider-Man who's quick to the punch, but even quicker to the punchline. And the design of the suit and the aesthetic of the fight sequences move a couple notches up from the Raimi trilogy.

    But where this flick gets a little disjointed is making Peter Parker a little too cool from the comics. This "nerd" is skating his way through the film and hitting on Gwen Stacy like he owns the place. Plus, our villain Curt Connors (aka The Lizard) is so CGI'd we can't really take him seriously. Not to mention that the producers casually throw in the backstory about Peter's parents without really exploring it.

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    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Spider-Man Movies in Order, Ranked - Spider-Man: Far From Home

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    Here we have Holland's last time out as Spider-Man, which you need to make sure you watch before "Spider-Man: No Way Home." This is where the order of Spider-Man movies gets tricky. With Iron Man now out of the picture, Holland's Spider-Man is forced to step up and save the world on his own.

    We get the introduction of Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio who plays a villain disguised as a hero. And he does so beautifully. But there's a massive shadow of Tony Stark hanging over this standalone film. In some ways, it takes away from the individual journey of Spider-Man. The movie itself is being pulled between the worlds of Disney and Sony (who were first to land success in the Marvel movie world).

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    Spider-Man: Far From Home



    July 2, 2019

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    Spider-Man Movies in Order, Ranked - Spider-Man

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    Ranking fourth on our list is the first real Spider-Man movie to bring the comic book to life (not counting the 1977 made-for-television film). With so many iterations of the character, it's tough to make the case that nothing beats the original. But for all the Millennials and generations prior, Tobey Maguire will always be our Spider-Man.

    The movie shows us how heroes and villains are born. Maguire looked a bit old for his age, but his Spider-Man is probably the most realistically awkward and nerdy depiction of the character. And as for Willem Dafoe's diabolical portrayal of the Green Goblin, his return in "Spider-Man: No Way Home" is what we're looking forward to most (among other rumored appearances). Even though it's not number one on the list, this is the film made us dream of what it would be like to be Spider-Man.

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    Spider-Man Movies in Order, Ranked - Spider-Man: Homecoming

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    Landing third in our order, we have Tom Holland's first standalone Spider-Man film. This is where we really get to see him come into his own since his brief MCU debut in "Captain America: Civil War." Holland's Spider-Man is an anomaly in the sense that we really don't get to see him discover his powers. We know a spider bit him but only because he tells his new mentor Iron Man about it.

    What we really love about this film is the undeniable chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. and Holland. Tony Stark is the father figure that Peter has been missing in his life. And Peter is the son that Tony wishes he could have had. Spider-Man starts to grow as a superhero but begins taking on more than he can handle. In doing so, it forces Iron Man to come clean up his mess and deliver some tough love. This film has plenty of action but it's an emotional experience as well.

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    Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man Movies in Order, Ranked - Spider-Man 2

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    This second stint with Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man is the one where director Sam Raimi proved to us that sometimes a sequel can be better than the original.

    He brings to life one of the most sinister villains from all the Spider-Man movies, Alfred Molina's Dr. Octopus. We also see the ramifications of the first film coming into play as Peter's best friend turns into his worst enemy. Not to mention the obvious love triangle that's been going on between Peter, Harry, and Mary Jane. This flick even won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects so you know the fight scenes are out of this world.

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    Spider-Man 2



    June 30, 2004

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    Spider-Man Movies in Order, Ranked - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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    Finally, the toughest-easiest decision to make. If you've seen this film, you'll agree it deserves the number one spot for so many reasons. If you haven't, you should go see it asap.

    Not only does the film have multiple endearing Spideys from different universes, but it gives us the first black Spider-Man, the amazing Miles Morales. If you're a fan of Marvel's comics, this is literally a comic book come to life. The film also won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film. It is a grand achievement. This young, energetic Spider-Man along with many other spider-men and women will have you slinging webs right alongside them and being grateful for the experience.

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