'Soul': Sink or Stream?

Should you let this soul slip out of existence, or hold onto it and live with all its glory?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) in "Soul."

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After a very tough year, Christmas is finally here!

As you begin to open your gifts that Santa left under the tree, we've found something else that's opening this Christmas, too.

Disney+ just released its latest Pixar film titled "Soul," and it looks like a pretty otherworldly film that deals with some questions about life that we could use some answers to.

The only question, is this flick more like a lump of coal, or is it something to be put on everyone's list for Santa?

Reasons to Sink

© Disney+/courtesy Everett Collection

© Disney+/courtesy Everett Collection

  • Because of the overall complexity and existential nature of this film, it may be less appealing and harder to understand for children.
  • The film does come full circle as expected with Pixar films, but the resolution that the film reaches feels a little forced, as if they are creating an exception to help round out the final conclusion of the film.

Reasons to Stream

© Disney+/courtesy Everett Collection

© Disney+/courtesy Everett Collection

  • Pixar does an amazing job of dissecting life in an emotional and interesting way while sending out a powerful message about what having a soul really means.
  • Jamie Foxx voices Pixar's first ever African-American lead protagonist and he does an incredible job of bringing this new animated character to life.
  • The score of this film is absolutely amazing from start to finish, combining the nostalgia of Pixar sounds that we've known since childhood with some captivating jazz music, tapping into our soul with some soul.

Sink or Stream?

There is no question, "Soul" should definitely be streamed!

Pixar has done it again by creating something completely new that taps into something relatable for everyone, and they've incorporated a lead where younger African-American audiences can see themselves represented as the main character in these kinds of films as well.

This is empowering on so many levels and is a great feel-good movie for the whole family to enjoy.

If you don't have Disney+, we would recommend you get it even for just a month so that you can stream this film.

Available to stream now on Disney+

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