'Songbird' Review: Will We Sink It or Stream it?

In our "Songbird" review, will we sink the pandemic story on steroids, or encourage audiences to stream it safe and secure in their homes?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Songbird Review: Sink or Stream?

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For this week's movie review, we're taking a look at a very outside-the-box premise and film called "Songbird." We would label it as a disaster thriller, and the craziest part about it is that we're living a version of it right now. Instead of COVID-19, though, we're looking at something called COVID-23. Some people are immune, and others aren't. For those that are, they have nothing to worry about. For the others, they better get that immunity bracelet somehow. But, before you decide if this story's worth your time to watch it, let us give you the rundown.

Reasons to Sink

© STX Entertainment /Courtesy Everett Collection

© STX Entertainment /Courtesy Everett Collection

  • There isn't enough context for certain parts of the film, which in turn creates plot holes.
  • It feels like there is too much going on, with parallel stories included that aren't super relevant.
  • Given the pandemic we're still currently in, this can feel relatively tone deaf.

Reasons to Stream

© STX Entertainment /Courtesy Everett Collection

© STX Entertainment /Courtesy Everett Collection

  • KJ Apa and Peter Stormare are both hitting the gas full throttle throughout the film, creating a heart-racing sense of urgency.
  • This is an interesting twist on our current situation, turning up the stakes to horror-movie levels.

Sink or Stream?

For our review of "Songbird," we're thinking you should sink it.

We don't want to dismiss it completely, but it just feels a little too soon to be making movies that outline something that hits this close to home. It was also made during the pandemic and pulled together very quickly with a small cast. There is a certain uniqueness to it, but that's not enough to make this worth your watch...unless you already have Hulu, and you must...

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