'Snake Eyes' Trailer Breakdown: The Three Challenges of the Warrior

Paramount released a new trailer for "Snake Eyes" that has Henry Golding becoming the warrior he was meant to be and taking on anyone who gets in his way.

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By Jesse Conner

Snake Eyes: Trailer Breakdown

© Paramount / courtesy Everett Collection

We've seen this character before in the G.I. Joe film franchise and in the comics, but he's never really had his own origin story. He's also never been unmasked. Now, in the new film "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins," both of those things will happen. Paramount dropped the newest trailer for "Snake Eyes" this morning and it's a non-stop action sequence that shows just how skilled this new ninja is. To prove that he's a worthy fighter, he must complete the three challenges of the warrior. And if he survives, he will gain a plethora of knowledge and power. So, let's see what we can learn by breaking down this new preview.

"Snake Eyes": Trailer Breakdown

When the trailer begins, we see the man who we know will eventually become Snake Eyes (Henry Golding), but he has no mask and he's taking a massive beating. Ironically, most of the blows he's taking are straight to the face so a mask is something that would come in handy for him during this encounter. But even with his bloodied face, he manages to wrap his opponent up with a chain hanging from the ceiling and proceeds to punch him with twice as many fists at twice the speed. And Snake Eyes wins.

© Paramount / courtesy Everett Collection

© Paramount / courtesy Everett Collection

From this point, we can already tell that Golding's character is a fierce adversary that doesn't back down easily. Soon after his fight, he's brought into a room by a colleague of his and they are both surrounded by a large group of gangsters. They grab his colleague instead of him, then they hand him a gun and tell him to pull the trigger. Here we have another defining moment for Snake Eyes. Will he take the shot?

The answer is no. He spares this man's life and chooses his own almost certain death instead. These men team up and take on the gang. Because of his appreciation for Snake Eyes' sacrifice, the man flies both of them on his private jet back to his home. This is where Snake Eyes will be born. The intense training that Snake Eyes will go through is in preparation of an imminent attack that is soon to be launched by the shadow organization known as Cobra. Will the new recruit be enough to continue to maintain peace in the world? Only time will tell...watch the full trailer below.

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July 23, 2021

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