Saw Movies Ranked: From Horrifying to Snorifying

The newest game "Spiral: From the Book of Saw" premieres today so to get everyone up to speed, we've ranked all of the previous Saw movies to date.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Saw Movies Ranked

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The age-old question that we've been hearing over the last couple of decades is being asked again. Do you want to play a game? If you're not familiar with the movies from the Saw franchise we would caution you to think tread lightly before answering this question. Just when we thought this house of horror was coming to an end, Chris Rock came to the rescue and revived this savage film series with his new film "Spiral: From the Book of Saw."

The new direction for this film is going to incorporate the inventively inhuman blueprint of blood that we've all come expect from these types of films, and he's adding some star-power. Who thought we'd ever see the day when Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson would be helming one of the new Saw movies? Not us. Anyways, in preparation for this new flick, we decided to find and rank all of the Saw movies, not including "Spiral," from horrific to borific. In our opinion, these films should be watch in chronological order to understand the full story and how it progresses, but for our purposes today, we're just ranking them.

  • 1Saw
    Saw Movies Ranked: Saw

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    When we talk about this franchise our number one spot has to go the original. Two guys, each with a chain around one ankle, and a saw for them to share. So simple, yet so terrifying. This one film was so twisted and wrong but in such an intelligent way, that audiences were captivated. There are many horror films that are gory or sadistic, but not in such a thoughtful way. The creation of this first "game" was one that put a person's life in their own hands. It took their greatest sins from the past and turned them into their only ticket to survival.

    Saw Poster


    Horror / 2004 / R

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  • 2Saw VI
    Saw Movies Ranked: Saw VI

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    Our second pick is close to one of the last films in the franchise and the reason it ranks so high is because the further you go down the rabbit hole, the more surprising stuff you're likely to see. This flick acts as somewhat of a culmination of all the films before it with many callbacks to various other films. Even with the Jigsaw killer no longer in commission, his games live on. Some characters have lived, some have died. But there's always one thing that's certain. No one is ever safe.

    Saw VI Poster

    Saw VI

    Horror / 2009 / R

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  • 3Saw II
    Saw Movies Ranked: Saw II

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    Instead of two guys in a room, now we have eight people in an empty warehouse. And there's a deadly nerve gas that will kill them all. But we do have some good news. There's an antidote somewhere in the warehouse. All they have to do is put their heads together and maybe they'll all make it out alive. Do you think that'll actually happen? We wouldn't count on it. After the simplicity of the first film, this second one gets a little more complex. Also, there are all some twists that have been added to the game that you definitely won't see coming.

    Saw II Poster

    Saw II

    Horror / 2005 / R

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  • 4Jigsaw
    Saw Movies Ranked: Jigsaw

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    The newest film to be added to the Saw franchise features the workings of the Jigsaw killer many years after he was already pronounced dead. How could this be? The police seem to think it must be some kind of copycat. This new addition to a franchise that we thought had ended gave audiences a modern-day Jigsaw killer who is just as ruthless as his predecessor. And this killer still continues to cut jigsaw pieces from the skin from his victims. Even if he might be a copycat, he's just as cruel as the original.

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    Horror / 2017 / R

  • 5Saw III
    Saw Movies Ranked: Saw III

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    Moving down the list we reach the third installment of this treacherous game. With another film comes a laundry list of incredibly diabolical and depraved ways to torture and/or kill someone. For a man who lived most of his life in and out of prison, he has to rip the chains out of his skin to escape. For a woman who was a witness that left the scene of a crime without helping, she hangs in a freezer while cold water is sprayed on her until she freezes. Definitely some bone-chilling stuff. We can be fairly certain by this point that the Jigsaw killer isn't operating alone. And his traps and tests are only becoming more elaborate.

    Saw III Poster

    Saw III

    Horror / 2006 / R

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  • 6Saw IV
    Saw Movies Ranked: Saw IV

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    As we move down the list, it appears that in this film the Jigsaw killer is dead. But the game still continues. And now, this maniac is getting cops involved. Inside the game and outside the game. Some officers are desperately searching for their colleagues, while the others are in the game just trying to survive. Though it's not entirely clear whether or not some of these cops might be dirty, with these kinds of cases it's anyone's guess. Will these men in blue be able to save everyone in time? Or will the Jigsaw killer's plan be fulfilled from the grave?

    Saw IV Poster

    Saw IV

    Horror / 2007 / R

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  • 7Saw V
    Saw Movies Ranked: Saw V

    © Lions Gate/courtesy Everett Collection

    In this frightening flick we come to learn that the Jigsaw killer has someone on the inside making sure that his games are still being played. Who might you ask? Well, spoiler, Detective Hoffman is the one pulling the strings now. With a cop as the one calling the shots now to make sure no one will find out the truth, all bets are off. The only other person that may give him a run for his money will be his colleague-turned-adversary FBI Agent Peter Strahm.

    Saw V Poster

    Saw V

    Horror / 2008 / R

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  • 8Saw: The Final Chapter
    Saw Movies Ranked: Saw: The Final Chapter

    © Lions Gate/courtesy Everett Collection

    Even though this final Saw flick lands last on our list of movies, we're going to award it brownie points for sadistic creativity. In the other films, all of these acts of brutality happened behind closed doors. This one will be on full display for the whole world to see. Imagine that you're walking around at a public square and see two men sitting across from each other and a woman strapped to the ceiling above. Now put electric saws in front of all of them and depending on how hard the men push towards each other, that determines who will live. If they don't push at all, then the woman above dies. I guess that's one very messed up way to break up a lover's triangle.

    Saw: The Final Chapter Poster

    Saw: The Final Chapter

    Horror / 2010 / R

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