Ryan Reynolds Movies: Three to See Before 'Free Guy'

Before you check out the upcoming Ryan Reynolds film of the summer "Free Guy," we have three other movies you should watch first.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Ryan Reynolds Movies: Adventureland

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It's about that time for Ryan Reynolds' new film "Free Guy" to hit theaters this weekend. Reynolds has made many different types of films over the years, and this one in particular looks like the perfect flick to escape the world for a few hours and journey to somewhere we've never been before. To help you get in the mood for what's to come, we've picked out three Ryan Reynolds movies that we think you should check out before you watch "Free Guy." Enjoy!

  • 1The Nines
    Ryan Reynolds Movies: The Nines

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    We'd like to start things off by designating our hidden gem of the list. And we'll bet money that you probably haven't seen it. This sci-fi psycho thriller is one where Ryan Reynolds shows us that he has no problem stepping outside the bounds of the comedy genre for a much more abstract and dramatic project. You won't find this flick on your list of typical Ryan Reynolds movies. Here, we get to see Reynolds portraying three different characters whose worlds are beginning to collide. One of the characters is even a video game designer, funnily enough, polar opposite to his role in "Free Guy" where he'll be the one of the characters in the game.

    The Nines Poster

    The Nines

    Drama / 2007 / R

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  • 2Deadpool
    Ryan Reynolds Movies: Deadpool

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    And our second pick from the Reynolds Collection is an obvious one. It's one that you should go see before you go watch any new Ryan Reynolds movies. This film is as Ryan Reynolds as Ryan can Reynolds. It's brimming with his A+ sarcasm and whit along with some very graphic and entertaining violence. Without a doubt, this is Reynold's most popular character in the eyes of fans. And we're pretty sure it's his favorite too. Since the film's release, all people can see when they look at Reynolds is Deadpool. He'd been wanting to make this film for 10+ years prior to its actual release. Even the sequels that followed were loved and found box office success.

    Deadpool Poster


    Action / 2016 / R

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  • 3Adventureland
    Ryan Reynolds Movies: Adventureland

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    And to top it all off, we're bringing our last pick that you may have forgotten Reynolds was in. Reynolds plays the maintenance man at the Adventureland theme park. As his character peruses the park for technical issues, he gives advice about women and relationships even though he's the last person who should be doing so. He also catches the attention of some ladies with his side gig as a part-time musician. Reynolds certainly sprinkles in some comedy, but this role is much deeper and more relatable than some of his regular roles. It's a simple story with characters that pretty much everyone can relate to if they've had a summer job.

    Adventureland Poster


    Comedy Drama / 2009 / R

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