'Reminiscence' Movie Review: Worth a Watch or Not?

Will this trip down memory lane be unforgettable, or will our review of "Reminiscence" have you questioning why you wanted to watch this movie?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Reminiscence Movie Review: Watch or Not?

© Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

Do you ever have those moments where you forget something and wish you could mentally retrace your steps? Even when you physically go back to the places you were before, it's just not enough. In this weekend's newest release "Reminiscence," they'll have the ability to access their memories. With some kind of futuristic memory displaying technology, people can pay someone to search through their memories to relive fond moments or just try to remember when and where they lost their keys. The possibilities are endless. Let's just hope that the person offering up their memories don't have any moments that aren't supposed to be seen. But before you watch "Reminiscence," we think you should check out our movie review.

Reasons to Watch...

© Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

© Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

  • Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson have some electric chemistry. It's as if Jackman is on a scavenger hunt and Ferguson is the buried treasure he seeks, leaving small clues behind for him to find. And Thandie Newton is a terrific ride-or-die sidekick as well.
  • This idea is so abstract and original playing into the innate desires that all humans have to relive their fondest moments from the past. It also leaves a lot of creative direction for the film to go.
  • The film brings an interesting mix with the sci-fi noir genre being coupled with a mysterious romance story

Or Not...

© Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

© Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

  • This flick spends a little bit too much time living in the past and less time bringing the action in the present.
  • With so much of the movie being spent going back and forth in time, it can be confusing to keep the narrative straight at times.
  • It feels as though much more could have been done with such an inventive concept. In turn, the pace of the film is much slower that we would have presumed it would be.

Watch or Not?

So, after our review of this movie "Reminiscence," we're going to say that this is not quite worth it.

With such an all-star cast and an inspired idea, we expected our socks to be blown off. There are plenty of surprising and captivating moments that this flick had in it. And by no means would we say this is a bad movie. But given the subject matter and the routes it could have taken; it should have been more of a home run in our opinion. But it's certainly worth watching on HBO Max whether you already have a subscription or want to get a new one. And getting to see the lengths Hugh Jackman will go to chase down Rebecca Ferguson is a romantic tale worth watching on its own.

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August 20, 2021

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