'Red Notice' Review: Should You Watch This Heist Comedy?

Will the A-listers carrying this film be enough to make this flick worth the watch, or will we issue a "Red Notice" to Netflix for making this movie?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Red Notice Review: Should You Watch This Heist Comedy?

© Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Today, Netflix has released one of their hot ticket films of the year, "Red Notice." It stars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot all in the same film. What could go wrong? Johnson plays an FBI profiler tasked with bringing down two felons (Reynolds, Gadot) who've been issued red notices. After he catches Reynolds, they end up teaming up to take down Gadot. She's really the big baddie of this film. Though you'd think it'd be easy for guys like Johnson and Reynolds to keep up with the likes of Gadot, that's not the case at all. If they think they're two steps ahead, then she's three in the front. Every decision they make is one she's predicted they would make. But before you stream "Red Notice" on Netflix, read our review.

Reasons to Watch...

© Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

© Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

  • Johnson, Reynolds, and Gadot all bring the action and the laughs. The mixture of Reynolds' sarcasm, Johnson's bruteness, and Gadot's fatal attractiveness all play into this volatile story.
  • With so many unpredictable characters it's tough to trust anyone on their word, which makes for many fun situations where you don't know what will happen next.
  • There are a ton of great action sequences and epic fights that help maintain the fast pace of the film from start to finish.
  • You might be surprised to hear that there are a surprising number of twists with one in particular that you ABSOLUTELY won't see coming.

Or Not...

© Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

© Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

  • This film doesn't really offer anything too new or original to the heist comedy genre.
  • "Red Notice" banks on these three Hollywood heavy hitters to liven up a broad and generic plot that has an all too predictable outcome.
  • With such a large budget and such a charming cast, you might expect more out of this film than what's presented.

Watch or Not?

Based on our watch of "Red Notice," we think you should give it a watch.

With Gadot, Reynolds, and Johnson all starring in the same production, it would have to be pretty bad for us to not recommend it. That said, it's probable that most of the budget went to the big names. And less to the film's screenplay. These talented actors certainly make this Netflix original worth the watch. But we do wish that they had packed just a bit more meat on this over-the-top action flick.

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November 5, 2021

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