Quicksilver's Best Movie Moments

He's one of our favorites. Here are all the best movie moments for Evan Peters' Quicksilver.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Evan Peters in "X-Men: Apocalypse."

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SPOILER ALERT: if you're a fan of "WandaVision" and haven't seen the latest, stop now, and read later...

Though it isn't a film per se, we're guessing that all you Marvel fans out there have been keeping up with Disney+ series "WandaVision," and in doing so you probably saw a new revelation in last week's episode that was a definite jaw-dropper.

Pietro Maximoff (the MCU's Quicksilver, played previously by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) has been recast by the actor who plays Quicksilver in the X-Men franchise, Evan Peters.

So, there's a lot to unpack there and we're not even entirely sure if we know what to unpack yet. There are a ton of fan theories floating around and we don't have enough information to make any real conclusions.

In the meantime, though, while your imagination is running wild in anticipation of this week's episode, we've pulled together Evan Peters' best movie moments as Quicksilver throughout the X-Men series.

Quicksilver Meets Wolverine, Professor X, & Beast ('X-Men: Days Of Future Past')

The first moment we're highlighting is Quicksilver's first appearance in the X-Men franchise and in the MCU. The quick and quirky character brought to life by Evan Peters is always 10 steps ahead of anyone who approaches him, and in this case, he has enough time to go outside, check the registration of Professor X's rental car, and come back before the X-Men have even made it through his doorway. This impressive first impression shows audiences Quicksilver is definitely X-Men material.

Quicksilver Breaks Out Magneto ('X-Men: Days of Future Past')

Our next moment shows that Quicksilver is so sly and gifted he can break someone out of the Pentagon. That someone he's breaking out is Magneto, one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men franchise. We also find out later that Magneto is Quicksilver's dad who abandoned him before he was born. Neither of them knows at this time, so it's really just their first one-on-one time (if you're not counting the security guard taped to the wall).

Quicksilver's Kitchen Scene ('X-Men: Days Of Future Past')

Midway through the plan to break Magneto out of the Pentagon, the group runs into some trouble coming out of the elevator. As all the mutants look around for what to do, they don't have an answer... que Quicksilver. This scene is the first truly magnificent feat we see from Quicksilver, running around the room moving bullets, making various guards punch themselves and each other, all as if it's just a big fun game to him (and to be honest, it does look like he's having the time of his life). When everything's said and done, the guards are taken out, shots are fired and miss, and Quicksilver finds himself with a fancy new Pentagon hat.

Quicksilver Saves Everyone ('X-Men: Apocalypse')

This is Quicksilver's most epic movie moment in the franchise (and the soundtrack isn't bad either). When people say "that guy" saved the day, this is the clip we imagine in our head. Whether it's the amazing editing of the scene, or the relaxed and playful demeanor of Evan Peters saving Professor X's entire school of gifted youngsters, the scene is a cinematic masterpiece, and will always have a place to live in our head rent-free. Plus, let's not forget Peters moonwalking his way from room to room as he saves the last few students and the dog, before table surfing his way out the nearest window.

Quicksilver Saves Shuttle Crew ('Dark Phoenix')

Our final selection is Quicksilver's most recent act of bravery, which takes place during a space mission where he and Nightcrawler rescue a shuttle full of astronauts, while Jean Grey ends up paying the ultimate price. As we've come to expect, Quicksilver returns the astronauts safely back to their ship unscathed.

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