Oscars Best Picture Nominees Tournament: The Championship Matchup

In our Noovie tournament of Oscars Best Picture nominees, the final matchup is a showdown between "Minari" and "Judas and the Black Messiah."

By Chuck Walton

Oscars Best Picture Nominees Minari

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We've gone through several rounds of Oscars Best Picture nominees, from the initial field of elite eight contenders, to the final four, and now the last two standing. Will it be the tale of Korean immigrants "Minari" standing atop the Noovie voters' podium? Or will the intense racial drama-thriller "Judas and the Black Messiah" pull the surprise victory? Let's take a closer look.

Oscars Best Picture Nominees Tournament: The Championship Matchup

Contender One: Minari

So far, both in our polls and the actual awards season race, "Minari" has been the little film that could and did. It's a critic's favorite. It's beloved by many. Plus, there's little controversy about it. The movie is an original story about a Korean immigrant family just trying to make it in America in the early '80s. Given our current times, that's a story worth seeking out and treasuring. Empathy is key to this movie, and it has it in spades.

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Contender Two: Judas and the Black Messiah

While Daniel Kaluuya has won all of the major awards for his defining portrayal of real-life slain Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, the film still feels like its gaining its feet as a potential upset winner for the Best Picture prize. However, it's been entirely deserving this whole time. It's a masterpiece drama and thriller, and also speaks to our current era, and finally facing all aspects of our history, and trying once and for all to achieve true racial equality. We do that not by shunning real inequality that has always existed, but facing it head on.

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In the end, these two movies, and the entire slate, are winners. They're smaller films, and not widely known even now. But they are worthy films that people should watch. It's been a heavy year, and these are challenging movies. They're also excellent movies. They will have impact for years to come.

Your vote counts, too. We want to know who you think should win. Vote now in our Instagram and Facebook stories, and on Twitter. We'll announce the winner quick, and stay tuned for the Oscars this Sunday!

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