Oscars Best Picture Nominees: Final Four, Round Two!

In our last round of Oscars Best Picture nominees before the championship match, it's upstart "Promising Young Woman" vs. "Minari."

By Chuck Walton

Oscars Best Picture Nominees Promising Young Woman

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With "Judas and the Black Messiah" earning the people's vote in our last Noovie round of Oscars Best Picture nominees tournament, there's only one penultimate match left to decide. Will it be Emerald Fennell's promising, incendiary "Promising Young Woman" taking on "Judas" for the ultimate victory? Or will the critics and audience favorite "Minari" match its immigrant wits with the "Black Messiah"?

Oscars Best Picture Nominees Tournament: Final Four, Round Two

Contender: Promising Young Woman

At the start of our tournament, this tale of a "Promising Young Woman" taking the battle to would-be male abusers was a bit of an underdog to go the distance. It's a brave and entirely capable motion picture contender, and it packs a solid punch. But most of the early buzz was for the strong performance of lead Carey Mulligan as the title character, and the solid yet somewhat controversial direction of Emerald Fennell. Seeing it make it this far in our rounds makes us appreciate it even more, and cheer on its odds.

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Contender: Minari

"Minari" was the equally independent but more likely Oscars Best Picture nominee contender. In its favor is a worthy and original story about Korean immigrants looking to achieve the American dream in the early '80s. Supporting actress Youn Yuh-Jung has swept the awards season and looks to repeat at the Oscars. Plus, it's a story that’s universally beloved. There's no controversy, just lots of affection for this well-told, relevant, and moving film about the Asian-American experience.

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Normally, we'd place our bets on "Minari," as it's got tons of spirit and momentum behind it. But "Promising Young Woman" is an underdog voters shouldn't discount. Both are amazing films. For moviegoers, it's win-win all-around.

Still, yours is the ultimate vote that counts. Cast your pick now on our Noovie stories on Instagram and Facebook, and on Twitter. The final championship round is in two days. And we'll know what Oscars say this coming Sunday, April 25th.

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