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In honor of "Black Widow's" record opening weekend, we present another look at the movies now playing and coming soon, best viewed on the big screen.

Chuck Walton

By Chuck Walton

The Big Screen Is Back Black Widow

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This past weekend saw the biggest box office since Presidents Day 2020 (!), with "Black Widow" hauling in more than $80 million on the big screen, and the domestic theatrical climbing past $100 million.

If there was ever a time to check something out at a theater, and support films the way they should be seen, now's about perfect to see what's playing and what's on the way.

Check out the PSA below, which does a great job covering the big films currently in movie theaters, including "F9" and "Black Widow," plus the huge tentpoles on the way.

A lot of the studios are now experimenting with different release strategies to accommodate streaming. But we'd bet that most film fans will still agree on one thing. There's no way a tv and sound system matches a massive movie screen and in-theater Dolby Digital for sheer spectacle.

Here's to more big opening weekends ahead, and a thriving theatrical experience in general. Coming soon to the big screen: "Space Jam: A New Legacy," "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins," "Jungle Cruise," "The Suicide Squad"...and later this fall, "No Time to Die," "Dune," "Eternals" and more.

Chuck Walton

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