Noovie Backlot Interview: 'The Boss Baby 2' Has Ninja Babies!

In our Noovie Backlot interview with some of the cast and crew in "The Boss Baby 2," we learn about all the crazy babies we can expect to see.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Noovie Backlot Interview: The Boss Baby 2

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Just when we thought these two babies had finally grown up, Tim and his boss brother Ted have to shrink down for another adventure. But this time, Ted isn't the only baby that can talk. The new boss baby is Tim's youngest daughter, Tina. And now, all three of them will be working together. So it'll take more than one evil genius to get in their way. To learn more about their new crusade, we talked to the director as well as some voice actors to get the scoop on what to expect for "The Boss Baby 2."

'The Boss Baby 2': Noovie Backlot Interview

Director Tom McGrath, who also directed the 2017 film "The Boss Baby," starts by expressing his joy for being able to direct another film. He notes that the first film was very "boy-centric," so he saw a great opportunity to have a female voice be the lead. This sentiment is then followed up by voice actor Alec Baldwin saying, "We got the right person for the job, let me tell you..." as he points to newcomer Amy Sedaris.

© Universal /Courtesy Everett Collection

© Universal /Courtesy Everett Collection

McGrath explains that he wants to strike a certain balance with the sequel. He believes it can be "zany" and "slapsticky." But it can also "warm your heart." The other thing to note is the plethora of different babies you'll see. The ones we've heard mentioned so far are evil babies, creepy babies, jail yard babies, and ninja babies. You heard us out for ninja babies!

At the end of the day, really what the director is hoping to achieve is something that will entertain parents as much as kids. To see our full Noovie Backlot interview, check it out on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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July 2, 2021

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