'No Time to Die' Final Trailer Breakdown: Madeleine's Big Secret

MGM released the final trailer for "No Time to Die" this morning and it has Bond coming to grips with some new info. he's learned about his love interest.

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By Jesse Conner

No Time to Die: Final Trailer Breakdown

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Every mission he's taken and sacrifice he's made has led him here. The suave secret agent 007, aka James Bond, is facing his greatest threat yet. By this point, you've probably been made aware of Bond's newest, and possibly most powerful, villain Safin. But someone you may not have heard too much about is Bond's fairly new lover Dr. Madeleine Swann. The life of a '00' is by nature a lonely and dangerous one. But it seems that Bond has been able to find some comfort in the arms of Madeleine. After the events of "Spectre," Bond chose to retire and spend more time with his new love. But how much does he really know about her? The final trailer for "No Time to Die" reveals that she may have some skeletons in her closet that Bond wasn't aware of. So, let's dig in and break this down.

'No Time to Die': Final Trailer Breakdown

With years of service under his belt, Bond has reached the point where he's ready to retire and settle down with his new partner Madeleine Swann. Unfortunately, in his line of work, no one can ever truly retire. When you spend years taking down bad guys, you end up building a name for yourself. And even if by some miracle you can take down all your enemies, eventually you'll just have new ones to deal with. Bond manages to make it 5 years without any disturbances...until now.

© MGM / © Danjaq

© MGM / © Danjaq

We see that Bond has no desire to reenter this criminal world, but he cannot ignore an antagonist like Safin. And if one villain isn't enough, we even get a glimpse of Bond visiting an old adversary by the name of Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Bond is given an ominous message from Blofeld that "when her secret finds its way out, it'll be the death of you." We gather that Blofeld is referring to a secret that Madeleine Swann has been hiding. As the trailer progresses, there's a moment when Bond begins asking Swann about Safin, to which she responds, "James, you don't know what this is..."

What Is Madeleine Hiding?

Later, Bond and Safin are finally formally introduced, and Madeleine is brought up. Safin says, "James Bond, license to kill, in love with Madeleine Swann. I could be speaking to my own reflection." Now, it's extremely clear that Swann and Safin used to have some kind of connection and that this mission is going to be much more complicated than Bond was hoping for. With a certain level of defeat in Bond's eyes as he's being surrounded and gunned down, he pushes through as he knows the well-being of the world is hanging in the balance. Will James Bond save the day one more time? We hope so. Check out the final trailer for "No Time to Die" by clicking below. Maybe you'll see something that we missed.

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October 8, 2021

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