'No Time to Die' Featurette Introduces Newest Bond Villain Safin

As the countdown to the release of "No Time to Die" continues, MGM's provided a new featurette about Bond's latest, most intimidating, nemesis yet.

By Chuck Walton

Rami Malek in 'No Time to Die'

Coming into any James Bond film (especially the recent ones with Daniel Craig as Bond), certain nuances and trademarks must be upheld to preserve the integrity of the franchise.

For instance, always having a killer theme song - this edition is lucky to have Billie Eilish on hand to create the new theme song, also appropriately titled "No Time To Die."

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Another important element (and quite possibly the most important one) is a formidable Bond villain.

Luckily for movie fans, Academy Award winner Rami Malek has joined the franchise as the latest iconic bad guy, and MGM's shared a little featurette today to get us excited for how menacing this new criminal will be.

Safin might be the worst kind of devious mastermind because his M.O. is payback, and in his mind, he's the hero of this story.


Mentally unstable, revenge-driven vilains are usually the worst kinds since they figure they have nothing left to lose, and are willing play it out however the outcome goes.

Malek explains that he wanted his portrayal of the character to bring an unsettling presence to the big screen.

From what we've seen in the previous trailers and now this featurette, his detached and matter-of-fact demeanor makes anyone who crosses his path likely a bit uncomfortable.

Since it's already been confirmed that this will be the last Bond outing for Daniel Craig, we're glad his last hoorah has him taking on 2019's Best Actor Oscar winner.

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View the featurette below:

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