New Indie Movies: 'Nightmare Alley,' 'Hand of God,' and Other Gems

There is more to watch this weekend than web-slinging, multiversal adventures. Read on for all the great indie movies now available in theaters or on-demand.

Matt Lissauer

By Matt Lissauer

New Indie Movies - Bradley Cooper in "Nightmare Alley."

© Searchlight Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Awards season is now in high gear. Each of this week's new crop of indie movies is already capturing the attention of Oscar voters as they nab award wins and nods from various critic groups and organizations. Needless to say, you won't go wrong with any of these movies. Take your picks, or choose them all from our picks of the best newly available indie movies that you can watch right now.

  • Noovie's Indie Movie Pick: Nightmare Alley

    Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper in "Nightmare Alley."

    © Searchlight Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Director Guillermo del Toro is a master of horror and suspense. It all melds together perfectly in this new thriller that combines horror elements with one of Hollywood's oldest mainstay genres, noir. Based on a 1946 novel, "Nightmare Alley" was previously adapted in 1947, starring famed swashbuckler and Zorro star Tyrone Power. Del Toro's version, however, is a more faithful adaptation, not held back by Hays Code restrictions. Look for solid performances from Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett. Real lovers of noir, who also live in L.A., can even catch special black-and-white screenings of the film. "Nightmare Alley" was named one of the year's best movies by the National Board of Review and American Film Institute. The film is also up for seven Critics Choice Awards, including Best Picture.

Nightmare Alley Poster

Nightmare Alley



December 17, 2021

  • The Hand of God

    Toni Servillo, Teresa Saponangelo, Filippo Scotti in "The Hand of God."

    © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Italian director Paolo Sorrentino is the latest in a line of acclaimed directors to dramatize their formative years. But, for Sorrentino, it's not just politics and cinema that define him. The semi-autobiographical drama follows the awkward Fabietto (Filippo Scotti), a loner who is more content with reading philosophy than making friends. As tragedy strikes his family, Fabietto finds escape in the form of football legend Diego Maradona, whose famous 1986 World Cup goal inspires more than just the film's title. "The Hand of God" is Italy's Best International Film Oscar entry.

    The Hand of God Poster

    The Hand of God



    December 10, 2021

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  • Swan Song

    Mahershala Ali in "Swan Song."

    © Apple TV+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "Swan Song" sounds like a bad Happy Madison production, but the sci-fi drama is anything but obvious and on-the-nose shlock. Cameron (Mahershala Ali) is a loving husband and father with a new child on the way. It should be a time of joy, but Cameron is diagnosed with a terminal illness. There is a way out: he can replace himself with a clone, and his family would be none-the-wiser. This is Ali at his finest, and it's no surprise that he's up for an Indie Spirit Award and a Golden Globe.

    Swan Song Poster

    Swan Song


    Science Fiction

    December 17, 2021

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  • The Novice

    Isabelle Fuhrman in "The Novice."

    © IFC Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Actress Isabelle Fuhrman has come a long way since her days as Esther, the eponymous "Orphan" in Jaume Collet-Serra's 2009 creeper. Here she takes a commanding lead in this bold thriller from first-time director Lauren Hadaway. Fuhrman's Alice is a college freshman who pushes herself beyond all limits to make it to the top of her rowing team. It's an extreme performance in a captivating first-time outing that could land Fuhrman and "The Novice" multiple Independent Spirit Awards.

    The Novice Poster

    The Novice



    December 17, 2021

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Hot Indie Trailer: You Won't Be Alone

Noomi Rapace is no stranger to slow-burn horror. Here she teams up with first-time director Goran Stolevski for this historical creeper. "You Won't Be Alone" follows a girl who transforms into a witch and stalks a remote village in 19th century Macedonia. The film is an official selection of the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, competing in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition section.

  • In April 1st
You Won't Be Alone Poster

You Won't Be Alone



January 28, 2022

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