New Indie Movies: 'Concrete Cowboy' and Other Gems

Fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, sugar daddies, and grandparents. They're all there in the best new indie movies now available to watch.

Matt Lissauer

By Matt Lissauer

New Indie Movie - "Concrete Cowboy"

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This week's new crop of indie movies will take you on a bumpy ride of familial strife. There's sons reconnecting with unseen fathers, daughters dealing with judgemental mothers, and a grandson who seeks revenge. Here are our picks for the best newly available independent movies that you can watch right now.

  • Noovie's Indie Movie Pick: Concrete Cowboy

    Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin in "Concrete Cowboys."

    © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Thankfully, first-time feature director Ricky Staub's indie movie is not a remake of a forgotten John Travolta down-home love story. Based on a novel, and inspired by an actual Urban Riding Club, "Concrete Cowboy" is a modern western tale of estranged fathers and sons.

    Young rebellious Cole (Caleb McLaughlin of "Stranger Things") is sent to Philly to live with his separated father (Idris Elba). Once there, as Cole seeks out a man he barely knows, he discovers his dad is actually a leader of a group of Black urban cowboys. The club serves as a tradition that goes back generations, inspiring something positive for the youth. As Cole gets more acquainted with his dad, he finds something more within this group of street horseback riders.

    Just like "Nomadland," indie movies highlight "Concrete Cowboy" introduces us to an unexplored community by immersing itself deep within its ranks. Actual community members play themselves alongside the actors.

Concrete Cowboy Poster

Concrete Cowboy



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  • Shiva Baby

    Rachel Sennott in "Shiva Baby."

    © Utopia / Courtesy Everett Collection

    An aimless bisexual Jewish girl finds herself in a precarious situation as she attends a shiva, a gathering of family and friends in mourning of a loved one. The walls soon close in as she discovers that she's not just there with her parents, but also her ex-girlfriend. And her sugar daddy. And his wife and child.

    Shiva Baby Poster

    Shiva Baby


    April 16, 2021

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  • Funny Face

    Dela Meskienyar and Cosmo Jarvis in "Funny Face."

    © Gravitas Ventures

    A man is pushed to the brink as his grandparents house faces demolition. With nothing left he dons a mask and seeks revenge. At the same time a young Muslim woman runs away from her family. Seeking love and support, she finds it in the unlikely stranger with a mask. From director Tim Stutton ("Memphis"), "Funny Face" has garnered positive indie movies praise since it's premiere at last year's Berlin International Film Festival. A few critics have linkened the stark indie movie as Todd Phillips' "Joker" meets the Safide Brothers' "Uncut Gems."

    Funny Face Poster

    Funny Face

    Crime Drama

  • 2021 Oscar Nominated Shorts: Animation

    Oscar Isaac in poster art for "The Letter Room."

    © Salaud Morisset / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Hollywood's big night will soon be upon us In a few short weeks. No time is better than now to get caught up on all the great films featured, and that includes the nominated shorts. In cinemas this weekend -- and on various sites around the web -- you can take in the entire collection from across the three categories: animated, documentary and live action. Highlights include Pixar's traditionally animated "Burrow," Anders Hammer's harrowing doc "Do Not Split," covering the Hong Kong protests, and Oscar Isaac as a sympathetic corrections officer taken by an inmate's personal letters in "The Letter Room."

    2021 Oscar Nominated Shorts: Animation Poster

    2021 Oscar Nominated Shorts: Animation


    April 2, 2021

Hot Indie Trailer: Together Together

Ed Helms and Patti Harrison star in this platonic love story about a single man who wants a child and a surrogate tasked with all the work. The two keep things as professional as they can, but will a deeper friendship soon evolve over nine months? "Together Together" premiered earlier in the year at the Sundance Film Festival, where critics were caught off guard by a non-traditional take on the story of dads and soon-to-be-new parenthood.

  • In theaters April 23rd
Together Together Poster

Together Together



April 23, 2021

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