New Indie Movies: 'Bad Trip' and Other Gems

Crazy days, wild nights and coming of age are the running threads stitching together the best new indie movies now available to watch.

By Matt Lissauer

Tiffany Haddish and Eric Andre in "Bad Trip," one of the new indie movies.

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This week's new indie movies take you on a wild ride, whether it's a road trip gone wrong, a night to remember, or a creepy night to forget. Here are our picks for the best newly available independent films you can watch right now.

  • Top Indie Movie Pick: Bad Trip

    © Orion Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

    The prank cinema behind "Jackass" and "Borat" informs Netflix's new indie comedy. "Bad Trip" mixes up scripted comedy with hidden camera fun. Two buddies (Eric André and Lil Rel Howery) embark on a road trip from Florida to New York to win the heart of a girl. Along the way, the ex-con sister (Haddish) of one of the buds tracks their every movement. Consequently, hijinx ensue for the poor regular Joes and Janes caught in their way. "Bad Trip" was scheduled to premiere at SXSW last year followed by a regular theatrical run. However, COVID thwarted those plans.

Bad Trip

Comedy / 2021 / R

Hidden cameras capture two best friends pulling hilarious and inventive pranks on an unsuspecting public.

  • Six Minutes to Midnight

    © IFC Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Eddie Izzard co-writes and stars in this pre-WWII drama. This new British indie movie tells the true story of a man (Izzard) who gets a job as a new English teacher at a coastal boarding school. Subsequently, he learns the truth behind many of the girls at the school, while also learning the truth behind why there was a vacancy for his position.

    Six Minutes to Midnight

    Drama / 2020 / PG-13

    A man lands in trouble when he takes a job teaching English to the daughters of high-ranking Nazis.

  • Shoplifters of the World

    © RLJE Films / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Four friends navigate a night of craziness, as they make sense of the breakup of their favorite band The Smiths. Meanwhile an impassioned fan hijacks the local radio station forcing the night DJ to play nothing but Smith tunes. As a result, the station becomes the perfect soundtrack to a wild night of partying and debauchery. In short, the film may gloss over what made the Smiths such an iconic band. But, nostalgic fun can be had recalling a time when the most important things in the world were your music and your friends.

    Shoplifters of the World

    Comedy Drama / 2021

    During the summer of 1987, four friends embark on a night of partying to mourn the sudden breakup of the British band The Smiths. At the same time, an impassioned fan takes a disc jockey hostage and forces him to play nothing but Smiths tracks.

  • The Toll

    © Lionsgate /Courtesy Everett Collection

    Michael Nader directs his first feature. The story inolves a ride-share driver and his passenger who find themselves stuck on a dark forest road. Subsequently, they make their way through the woods and are haunted by a mysterious supernatural entity. Feeling threatened, the entity exacts revenge – a toll – on the trespassers. Lovers of horror genre and new indie movies can do no wrong with this one as the two leads take hold of your attention and never look back.

    The Toll

    Horror / 2020 / R

    A rideshare driver and a young woman encounter a supernatural being after their car breaks down on a dark forest road.

  • Kuessipan

    © ArtMattan Films

    Based on the acclaimed novel, this new Canadian indie movie takes us into an overlooked community. A coming-of-age tale, "Kuessipan" follows two Innu girls growing up on the outskirts of Quebec. Their lifelong friendship is tested as one falls for a white man and plans to move away. "Kuessipan" joins a remarkable collection of 26 films by Indigenous filmmakers that premiered at last year's Toronto International Film Festival.


    Drama / 2019

    The bond between two friends from an Innu community is tested when one falls in love.

  • Tina

    © HBO Max / courtesy Everett Collection

    We've seen her story play out before in biopics and musicals. Filmmakers Dan Lindsay and T. J. Martin ("LA 92") gives Grammy-winning singer Tina Turner the final say on her legendary career. The HBO doc premiered to praise at Berlin earlier in the month and touches on everything from her rise to stardom to her tumultuous and abusive marriage to Ike Turner.


    Music / 2021

    Never-before-seen footage, audio tapes, personal photos and intimate interviews provide insight into the remarkable life and career of legendary singer Tina Turner.

Hot Indie Trailer: In the Earth

The pandemic continues to seep into cinematic reality in the latest indie movies. Consequently, this thriller from Ben Wheatley ("Free Fire") deals with a world that is gripped by a deadly virus. Creepy things are afoot as a scientist and a ranger venture deep into a forest for supplies and equipment. In short, we won't say any more. Just watch and be ready for a pure fright fest come April.

  • In theaters April 23rd

In the Earth

Horror / 2021 / R

As the world searches for a cure to a devastating virus, a scientist and a park scout venture deep into the woods. As night falls, their journey becomes a terrifying voyage through the heart of darkness as the forest comes to life around them.

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