Must-Stream Movies: 3 for Rebel Wilson

Today is Rebel Wilson's birthday so we figured now's as good a time as any to pick out 3 of her must-stream movies for you to binge.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Must-Stream Movies for Rebel Wilson

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As we kick off the first Tuesday of the month to bring you some must-stream movies, we're also wishing Rebel Wilson all the best as today's her birthday!

Wilson is known for bringing her hilarious over-the-top personality into most every role she's had, and we can't get enough of it.

To give proper recognition to her comedic talent and her birthday, we've picked out 3 her of must-stream movies that you shouldn't miss.

  • 1Bridesmaids
    Rebel Wilson, Matt Lucas, and Kristen Wiig in "Bridesmaids."

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    This was one of Wilson's first films, and she was given a much smaller role, but even with her limited time on screen, she proved to audiences she was going places. Her purposefully awkward conversations with Kristen Wiig proved to be hysterical, not to mention her attempt to remedy her wildly infected back tattoo by pouring frozen peas on it. This iconic female ensemble comedy film was only strengthened by having Wilson as a character for Wiig to interact with at home.

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    Bridesmaids Poster


    Comedy / 2011 / R

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  • 2Pitch Perfect
    Rebel Wilson and Anna Camp in "Pitch Perfect."

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    This is Wilson's breakout film where she showed us what her triple threat talent looks like. She sings, dances, and acts in the film, and this is where her comedic talent absolutely shines brighter than all of her co-stars. Wilson's confidence in herself radiates through her character and it's infectious, making her the rebel of the bunch (pun definitely intended).

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    Pitch Perfect Poster

    Pitch Perfect

    Comedy / 2012 / PG-13

  • 3Jojo Rabbit
    Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansson, Roman Griffin Davis, and Rebel Wilson in "Jojo Rabbit."

    © Fox Searchlight Pictures. All rights reserved. / courtesy Everett Collection

    In one of her most recent films, which received an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and earned her a nomination from the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Wilson plays Fraulein Rahm, a Nazi leader who teaches kids Nazi propaganda and gives them guns and explosives. Her role in this comedy-drama satire is a unique one because she still brings her larger-than-life personality to the character which makes for some funny moments, but the subject matter of the film isn't purely comedic, and can and should make audiences feel uncomfortable at times.

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    Jojo Rabbit Poster

    Jojo Rabbit

    Comedy Drama / 2019 / PG-13

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