Movie Theaters: What to Expect When You Head Back

With the recent release of "Nobody" last weekend, we decided it was time to head back to movie theaters and this was our experience....

By Jesse Conner

Movie Theaters: What to Expect When You Head Back

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Various movie theaters are beginning to reopen at limited capacities and we're ecstatic! The moment we knew that we could finally catch a flick on the big screen, we wasted no time finding a seat to fill. Following this experience, we wanted to give you potential moviegoers a sense of what to expect. So, here's what you should know.

Masks Up in Movie Theaters

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For our moviegoing experience, we went to an AMC movie theater. As expected, you need to have your mask on at all times. Certainly, you need it when you're checking in, but you also need to wear it during the movie, unless you're enjoying food or a beverage. Most people had purchased tickets online so for them all they needed was their QR code, and it was a completely contactless process. Others were using the kiosk to purchase, and the remaining few waited for an employee to buy their tickets. Overall, a very safe and comfortable start.

Choosing Your Seats

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Because AMC is only operating at roughly 25% capacity, it was interesting to see the seat map when deciding where to sit. No matter the size of your group, AMC ensures that there is at least a two-seat buffer between you and anyone not in your group. The only exception to that rule is if you're sitting at or near the end of the row. So, if anyone is nervous or concerned about personal space, AMC has got you covered. When we went, we were lucky enough to have three vacant seats on our right and two on our left. Score!

Overall Movie Experience in Theaters

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All we can say is... wow! We knew we missed going to the movies, but we didn't realize just how much. Being back in an auditorium with a screen the size of a massive wall, surround sound speakers amplifying every cinematic moment, and people to safely enjoy the experience with was something to behold. This experience was liberating, and it was reminder that we're getting closer and closer to living our normal lives again. Thank you to AMC and all the other theaters that are slowly opening and carefully following their new safety protocols.

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