Movie Musicals 2021: Three to Keep an Eye Out for This Year

With some help from singer/actor Tommy Hobson, we're going through the three movie musicals you should see coming out in the summer of 2021.

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Movies Musicals 2021

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For most people, when we're talking about musicals, you either love them or hate them. That said, we have a feeling that even the haters are going to love the movie musicals that are coming out in the summer of 2021. Don't believe us? Well then maybe singer/actor Tommy Hobson might change your mind. Hobson decided to team up with Noovie to walk you through why this summer of movie musicals is one you won't want to miss. You can see Tommy Hobson's full video walkthrough of these films on our Facebook or Instagram. If you prefer to read along, then just take a look below to find out which 2021 movie musicals you should be getting excited about.

  • 1In The Heights
    Movie Musicals 2021

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    Though many people know Lin-Manuel Miranda from his performance in his musical "Hamilton," his very first Broadway show was actually "In The Heights." This hip-hop movie musical can be described as a love letter to the Latinx community and New York's Washington Heights. Even from the previews, it's easy to see that this film is booming with positive energy and passion.

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    In The Heights

    Musical / 2021 / PG-13

  • 2Dear Evan Hansen
    Movie Musicals 2021

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    The musical "Dear Evan Hansen" has been one of Broadway's most popular shows since its debut in 2015. The original role for Evan Hansen was portrayed by the star of this film Ben Platt who has already won a Grammy, Tony, and Emmy for his previous performance. You might also recognize Ben Platt from his role as Benji in the "Pitch Perfect" franchise. Make sure you keep a lookout for his performance in this new flick as well.

    Dear Evan Hansen Poster

    Dear Evan Hansen

    Musical / 2021

  • 3Respect
    Movie Musicals 2021

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    As for our final movie musical pick, this film has quite the ensemble cast. It includes six-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald, Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker, and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson. Not only that, but Aretha Franklin hand-picked Jennifer Hudson to play her in this film. You go, Jennifer! To be picked by the Queen of Soul herself means Hudson knows what she's doing.

    Respect Poster


    Music / 2021 / PG-13

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