Mortal Kombat Movies: The Best Hand-to-Hand Combat Scenes

Get over here and check out 10 of the best fight sequences from the past Mortal Kombat movies that are sure to pump you up!

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Mortal Kombat Movies: The Best Hand-to-Hand Combat Scenes

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As we sit waiting in anticipation of the nostalgic bloodbath of action that awaits us in the new "Mortal Kombat," we reflect on the other movies from this franchise that have already been released. Though there have only been two Mortal Kombat movies so far (excluding this new one), there are plenty of fight scenes with some epic hand-to-hand combat. So, get ready for some punching, some kicking, some flipping, and definitely some fatalities. Round 1, Fight!

Liu Kang VS. Fighting Monk ('Mortal Kombat')

First up, is the legendary Liu Kang facing off against a nameless monk. Yikes! Does this guy not know who Liu Kang is? That's a tough first round, especially since in Mortal Kombat, you play for your life... We used to think that when someone says their soul has left their body that it was just an expression of speech. I guess in this world they really mean it.

Sonya Blade VS. Kano ('Mortal Kombat')

Round 2 of our list features some names you'll definitely remember if you played the game as a kid: Sonya Blade and Kano. Most of the fighters in this tournament know or know of each other, but with these two it's much more than just that. Sonya and Kano have some history, and not in the way that you're thinking. Kano killed her partner. So to say that this brawl is personal is an understatement. Finish him!

Liu Kang VS. Reptile ('Mortal Kombat')

As you'll very well start to notice, Liu Kang is the star of our list just as he is in the film. He has so many notable fights, and this one against Reptile is just the beginning. And what a beginning it is. This fight is where we get a glimpse of Liu Kang's iconic bicycle kick. We also get to see the result of Kang's fast feet with Reptile flipping his way into a fatality. Imagine getting kicked so hard that you flip over three times and die....

Liu Kang VS. Sub-Zero ('Mortal Kombat')

Moving down the list we're starting to get into some magnificent matchups. Watching Liu Kang take on Sub-Zero makes us want to find the nearest arcade just to recreate the action. The ironic thing about this fight is that Kang uses the thing that gives Sub-Zero power to take him down. Who would have thought your greatest strength might also be your most fatal weakness?

Johnny Cage VS. Scorpion ('Mortal Kombat')

Here we have another iconic matchup, Johnny Cage vs. Scorpion. This is yet another surprising outcome. Scorpion uses his Kunai, which is a harpoon-like weapon that shoot out of his hands. He's able to almost kill Cage when they're in the forest, but he misses ever so slightly and hits a tree instead. Cage then takes the oppotunity to do a flying kick but before he makes contact, and Scorpion teleports them to another location. We don't want to ruin the surprise so see the rest for yourself.

Liu Kang VS. Shang Tsung ('Mortal Kombat')

Now that we've reached round 6, we give you the most important fight from the original 1995 film "Mortal Kombat." The evil sorcerer Shang Tsung is the host of the tournament and he's the one responsible for killing Liu Kang's brother. He even tries to lure him in intially by shapeshifting and pretending to be Kang's brother. Once Kang realizes the deception and calls him out, Shang Tsung assumes his original form and the fight begins.

Liu Kang VS. Baraka ('Mortal Kombat: Annihilation')

Our first fight on the list from the sequel to the original film, titled "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation," pins Liu Kang up against the knife-armed beast Baraka. The brut looks like Wolverine if he had a million teeth and the face of Freddy Krueger. And don't be fooled, Baraka is much more agile than he looks.

Liu Kang & Kitana VS. Smoke ('Mortal Kombat: Annihilation')

You'll only know he's coming when you see random smoke starting to form behind you. Also, this is our first battle on the list that isn't one on one. We get double the action on this one with Liu Kang taking on Smoke, and Kitana taking on three of Smoke's posse. You'll never guess who ends up winning in the end though....

Sub-Zero VS. Scorpion ('Mortal Kombat: Annihilation')

For major fans of this franchise whether it's the games or the films, we know it's the fight you've been waiting for. These two are quite possibly the biggest rivals of the franchise. Every time we've seen them fight, we never knew who to bet on. This is also the fight we're most looking forward to seeing in the new "Mortal Kombat."

The Final Fight ('Mortal Kombat: Annihilation')

Finally, we conclude our list with a battle royale that involves too many characters to name. This all-out war has the Earthrealm warriors going up against the Shao Kahn and his generals of the Outworld. When talking about the best hand-to-hand combat scenes we've seen in the Mortal Kombat movies, this would be one of the first clips we'd point to.

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