The Modern Bond Era, Ranked

Daniel Craig's 007 has been adored by so many fans. But which of his films is the best? Here, the modern Bond era, ranked to true greatness.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Modern Bond, Ranked: Skyfall

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When Daniel Craig originally took on his role as James Bond, there were many skeptics that thought he might not be the right fit for the debonair agent. Now, the world is standing on pins and needles waiting for the release of his fifth and final film "No Time to Die." It's been rumored that Craig's final Bond film may end up being his highest-rated film yet. After nearly two years of being as patient as we can, we're ready to see if Craig's final Bond meets expectations. So, to help keep everyone excited about Craig's last outing as 007, we've ranked all his modern Bond movies, counting down to his far.

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    Modern Bond, Ranked: Quantum of Solace

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    This was Craig’s second stint as James Bond following the events of “Casino Royale.” Though there is certainly some debate to be had for moving this up to the 3rd spot, we can't justify putting it any higher than that. There's plenty of the accelerated action sequences and intense car chases. Plus, we see Craig prove he's still more than a worthy Bond. But it isn't enough to overcome the film's shortcomings. There were production issues that Craig voiced as he tried to help craft the script. Also, the outing featured a forgettable villain. That's almost always a sign of a suboptimal Bond film.

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    Modern Bond, Ranked: Spectre

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    At #3, we're placing Craig’s latest Bond film. It takes place just before “No Time to Die.” We rank it above “Quantum of Solace” purely for the fact that it has a knockout cast. Christoph Waltz reintroduces Bond fans to our old pal Blofeld, and Dave Bautista plays the cutthroat assassin Mr. Hinx. This was also the second Bond film helmed by “1917” director Sam Mendes. The film features a solo Bond who’s been suspended from field duty but chooses to operate anyways. With so much potential, it didn’t quite live up to its high expectations, but it was still overall a fun watch.

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    Modern Bond, Ranked: Casino Royale

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    We have another highly debatable choice here where we’ve ranked Daniel Craig’s very first outing as Bond in the #2 position. Both this film and “Skyfall” are undoubtedly Craig’s best Bond films because they follow a winning James Bond formula - superb filmmaking, worthy story and villain, and a Bond hero at his best. In this flick, we meet the high stakes poker player extraordinaire Le Chiffre played by Mads Mikkelsen who does an incredible job. And we should keep in mind, this is Daniel Craig’s first performance as Bond. One could argue that nothing beats the original. In our sensibilities, it's still a solid second to the ultimate modern Bond movie.

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    Modern Bond, Ranked: Skyfall

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    And finally, our number one pick for Daniel Craig Bond movies. There are many reasons for it. It's Sam Mendes’ first shot at directing a Bond film, and he makes the most of it. Every shot is gorgeous, a literal amazing painting. We could talk also about how they brilliantly reimagined some of our beloved characters in slightly different form, like younger versions of Q and Moneypenny. But what really sends this over the top is the addition of heinous villain Raoul Silva, brought to vivid life by Javier Bardem. The Bond villains in each can project make or break the movie, and "Skyfall" is no different. Modern bond ranked? This one's the masterpiece.

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