Margot Robbie Burns Her Lips on Hot Ones

In another webisode of Hot Ones, we learn more about Margot Robbie's skills, while she almost dies eating some very hot wings.

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

margot robbie burns her lips on hot ones

Host Sean Evans kicks off another segment of Hot Ones by asking Margot Robbie about the training she underwent to become Harley Quinn in "Suicide Squad," and the fact that she had to be able to hold her breath for 5 minutes straight.

Since she's only had one, very tame hot wing at this point, she's able to explain to him that she actually worked with a professional diver to learn that party trick.

Evans also asks if there was any similar training required going into "Birds of Prey," but Robbie explains that her main challenge this time around was that she was on roller skates for a large portion of the movie, which presented its own challenges.

© Warner Bros. Pictures

© Warner Bros. Pictures

By the second wing, Robbie's already reaching for the water, pushing through the pain of her burning lips.As Evans and the actress power through to the next wings, we learn that Ms. Robbie actually won a spaghetti Bolognese eating contest by eating 4 pounds of it in an hour.How do we learn this? Well, because Evans is an amazing interviewer and is notoriously known for coming to bat with extensive research on his guests.We also hear how Robbie learned the art of pickpocketing from the gentleman thief Apollo Robbins when working on her previous film "Focus."

Margot continues to push through these spicy wings until she hits Da Bomb sauce.The crew from the sidelines has to get involved after this treacherous wing...and that's all we'll tell (although there is a surprise at the end).To find out Margot's fate, watch the video below.

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