'Malignant' Film Review: Is It Worth Watching or Not?

Will we review "Malignant" and decide that this new age horror film is worth a watch, or will we determine that this story isn't worth your time?

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

'Malignant' Film Review: Is It Worth Watching or Not?

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Have you ever had a dream that felt so real you actually started to believe it could be? We bet the woman in this weekend's new horror film wishes her visions weren't real. With "Saw" director James Wan leading the way through the darkness, "Malignant" tells the story of Madison who's been having some troubling visions that place her at the scene of various murders just before they occur. For her, it's as if she's literally in the room with the murderer and the victim watching it all go down. This inexplicable condition has Madison and everyone else running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to hunt down the killer. She tries her best to help but by the time Madison experiences each vision, it's already too late. Before you decide if "Malignant" is a film worth watching, check out our quick review.

Reasons to Watch...

© Warner Bros. /Courtesy Everett Collection

© Warner Bros. /Courtesy Everett Collection

  • This film avoids any predictable horror tropes that one might expect to see.
  • It's an entirely original film, from the way the story is told all the way to the general premise itself.
  • James Wan steps out of his comfort zone to create a horror movie that can't be boxed into one genre.
  • "Malignant" is a bloody good time with a Shyamalanian twist that will require an additional watch.

Or Not...

© Warner Bros. /Courtesy Everett Collection

© Warner Bros. /Courtesy Everett Collection

  • Though we know/hope it's supposed to be intentionally bad, the dialogue in the film is the definition of cringe.
  • Wan takes a little too much time to tell this story with the first half of the film dragging quite a bit.
  • There are certain brutally violent and graphic scenes that might be too intense for some audiences.
  • Even with the epic surprise the film reveals, it still feels like they could have done more to develop the characters and events.

Watch or Not?

After our review of "Malignant," we think that this film is worth a watch.

We have to commend James Wan for being bold enough make risky decisions and try new things. Many horror films can be formulaic, whereas this film follows no formula we've seen. We will say that the first half of this film is not super exciting or captivating in our opinion. But, by the time the second act picks up, the mood changes very quickly.

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September 10, 2021

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