'Luca' Trailer Breakdown: Adventuring Above the Water's Surface

Though he's always been told to never get near the surface, Luca is facing his fears and becoming a fish out of water in the newest trailer for "Luca."

Jesse Conner

By Jesse Conner

Luca Trailer Breakdown

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Disney just released the first full-length trailer for their upcoming film "Luca," and we're sure the kiddies are going to love it! Whenever Disney and Pixar team up it always ends up being a fun, heartfelt masterpiece. In the case of "Luca," this story is one of the most creative and imaginative to date. A couple of months ago, Disney released the first teaser trailer for this flick. By that point, we already had an idea of what to expect. But after seeing this new trailer, we have some more details about the plot that we want to break down for you.

"Luca": Trailer Breakdown

In this new adventure, sea monsters Luca and Alberto have decided to breach the water's surface to hang with the humans this summer. Lucky for them, as long as they remain dry, they actually look like humans. How do we get that superpower? Although if they step in a puddle, or fall in the ocean, the jig will be up. And, from what they've seen, it looks like the diet for a majority of the people in town is... fish. Even if they might look like a couple of human boys, they also need to figure out how to act like them too.

© Disney+/Courtesy Everett Collection

© Disney+/Courtesy Everett Collection

With the help of a welcoming girl named Giulia, they may end up having the best summer they've ever had! They just need to be VERY careful they don't accidentally reveal their true identity. She may seem understanding, but her father claims to kill "anything that swims." So, they'll need to try their absolute best to blend in with their new crowd. It probably won't hurt for them to pick up on some conversations to learn how humans talk. They just need to make sure they understand what they're saying. For example, calling a couple of older ladies "stupido" is not a wise decision. Regardless, to see a little preview of their adventure, click below to see the full trailer.

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